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Internal evaluation is an important part of the quality assurance at Lund University, and is done through a variety of evaluation processes.

First year student surveys

First year student surveys are a type of survey conducted during the first semester. The aim is to capture the students’ experiences of having just begun their studies, and their path into the University and higher education.

First year student surveys are conducted online, and addressed to students of all faculties. The students will answer a number of general questions, and some that are faculty specific. The results may be presented within the faculties, as well as University-wide.

First year student surveys are conducted and coordinated by the Quality and Evaluation office, in collaboration with the faculties. For more information, contact Ola Holmström and Ola Stjärnhagen.

Se page on Publications for reports on the surveys

Thematic surveys

Thematic surveys are about highlighting a specific area or perspective. These surveys are conducted on a regular basis and the method varies depending on the focus of the survey.

Thematic surveys, therefore, vary greatly – in both area and method – and the results obtained are directed to various levels within the University. Below, you will find some examples of thematic surveys that have been conducted at the University.

  • Library survey, aimed to show who the library users were, and their experiences of the Lund University library.
  • Survey on equal opportunities, aimed at describing a number of groups’ experiences of studying at Lund University, including LGBTQ students and students with disabilities.
  • Survey on student welfare issues, aimed at mapping student welfare at Lund University.

See page on Publications for reports on the surveys

Alumni surveys

As part of the documentation needed in a comprehensive quality assurance system, the experiences of former students and doctoral students must be considered. The alumni surveys at Lund University aim to describe labour market demands in relation to the University’s courses and programmes, as well as the alumni’s experiences of their studies.

See page on Publications for reports on the different alumni surveys

Barometer surveys

The aim of the barometer surveys is mainly to capture students’ experiences of Lund University from a different perspective. Barometer surveys are conducted by the Quality and Evaluation office.

The most common barometer survey is the student barometer. Student barometers indicate how students experience their entire higher education, supplementing course evaluations which capture their experiences of each individual course or module.

In addition to student barometers, other experience studies have been conducted, such as library barometer surveys.    

See page on Publications for the reports on the different barometer surveys

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