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Late application and the admission of late applicants

If you work in study administration, here you can learn more about the procedures that apply for late applications and the admission of late applicants.

Procedure for late applications

Lund University is no longer open for applications received after the deadline. Only after the first selection has been made is it possible to include the option of late applications. A request to include such an option must be made by the faculty management to the Admissions Office.

The procedure for late applications applies to all admissions throughout the year – summer, autumn, and spring – to freestanding courses, study programmes, and courses included in study programmes.

The admission of late applicants

Courses and programmes that are not yet full, and that do not have any applicants on a waiting list from the initial round of admissions, can accept late applicants. For this, you need to report the remaining number of available places. This number should be entered on the NyA web. The number shall include the initial number of admitted applicants, as well as the number of late applicants you wish to accept. For example: you have 10 admitted applicants from selection group 2, and no applicants on the waiting list. You wish to accept an additional 10 (late) applicants, so that you will have a total of 20 students. You should then report the number 20.

Special authorisation is required for you to enter the remaining number of available places on the NyA web. If you are not authorised, please contact Michael Olofsson, michael.olofsson [at], or Catharina Greiff, catharina.greiff [at]

Read more about the NyA web

For timetables, see page on Admission

If you have not entered the remaining number of available places, applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Note: courses and programmes with applicants on a waiting list from the initial round of admissions, will always be placed on a waiting list.

Departments that are open to late applications must enter a contact person to whom the results from the late admittance selection are sent. Entering or changing the contact person is done through the NyA web, and requires special authorisation.

Remember to close courses and programmes to late applications should they be full. Also, notify the Admissions Office at instlant [at] so that we can close the late application option in Lubas.

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