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Step 2: Nominations and applications

Step 2 involves nominating students until they have submitted their applications online.

Partner universities nominate

In connection with preparing calls in LINK, partner universities are given the opportunity to nominate their students online (see step 1). The nomination deadline is decided in connection with preparing the call.

Students apply 

All nominated students will receive instructions via email about how to apply online. The partner university’s nomination will generate the email. Requests for courses are a part of the application, including requests to participate in an introductory course for exchange students (course code SUSA01) and the Orientation Programme. See the LINK manual for an example of an email with application instructions sent to nominated students.

Read more about the Introductory course for exchange students (SUSA01)        
Read more about the Orientation Programme
Read more about the International Mentor Programme

Dates for application periods

  • 1–25 April for the autumn semester
  • 1–25 October for the spring semester

Deadlines apply for both studies and accommodation, but remember that students must submit two separate applications.

Accommodation application

Accommodation for students at Lund University is administered by LU Accommodation. The accommodation application is submitted separately from the studies application. The instructions that are automatically sent to nominated students via email include a link to accommodation information, application and times for applications. 

Each faculty has selected a number of partner universities whose students will be given priority in the allocation of accommodation. Any updates regarding these prioritised universities will be made by the faculty’s international office/interhand representative. Some groups of students are covered by the accommodation guarantee, e.g. students from the University of California, others by the central accommodation prioritisation, e.g. students from partner universities within the U21 and LERU networks, and students coming through Erasmus Mundus.

Other applications will be processed chronologically according to the application date. All applications submitted before or after the application period will be processed last as late applications. 

See current application dates
Read more about the accommodation guarantee

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