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What’s on in LUCRIS

This is where you can read about things we are working on and developing in the LUCRIS- and Research Portal projects right now. We are also trying to collect known and reported bugs. If you have a specific question, e.g. how to put a certain information into LUCRIS, please never hesitate to contact the LUCRIS Support.

170131: Information on the upgrade of LUCRIS to Pure 5.7.3-2

LUCRIS has now been upgraded (to Pure v 5.7.3-2).

Content of the new release

This release contains a change in the module for research-related Activities.

Who is affected?

Persons who have registered activities in LUCRIS before the upgrade, will find them transferred to the new categories in the updated module. Persons who have not yet registered any activities will not be affected.  

NOTE: If anyone finds that the move of their activities has caused problems, we kindly ask them to contact the LUCRIS support at support [at] and we’ll do our best to sort it out. We have increase personnel on the central LUCRIS support in the period after the upgrade.

A system message will recommend users who have registered activities earlier on about the change.


The activity module works approximately like before, with some changes:

  • The old activity type  Awards (not to be mixed up with the module Awards which includes grants) have been separated from the activity module and can be found in new main content module Prizes and distinctions (found in the left-hand column of the user interface)
  • The categories remaining in the Activity module have been reorganized and have some have modified templates. The top category levels do not indicate target group as before (e.g. Business and Community) but rather characterize the kind of activity (“what did you do?”). The top categories group what kind of fields that are need to describe the activities in it. All activity types within one category have the same setup of fields within its template.
  • It is now possible to add more than one person to each activity
  • It is now possible the register both internal and external activities.
  • An activity type Supervision has been added to the category Examination and supervision. Both internal and external supervision can be added to this type.

About the transfer of existing date from the old model to the new model

To the best of our ability, we have transferred the data in the old version to the new categories in the new module. In a few cases some data have been lost in the move. This is the case for activities moved from a category to another category with a different setup of metadata fields. For the few occasions where this has happened, the lost information can be found in History and Comments.

Some activities could not be moved because it was difficult for us to understand exactly what it represented and into which new category they fit. As a temporary solution, we decided to let this data remain under the category “Other” (see bottom-categories of Other). We (the LUCRIS administration) will go through these individually and move them to the new categories. Then the obsolete categories will be deleted.

Input on the new module? Later this year we will evaluate the module. Please send us any input you may have to support [at]

The portal: There are still issues with the way activities are displayed in the public portal ( We work on having these fixed asap.

Updated manuals: The manuals will be uppdated shortly after the upgrade.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at servicedesk [at]

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