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Web editors and communications officers

As a web editor or communications officer at Lund University, how can I benefit from using LUCRIS?

Access to experts and researchers’ research outputs

The research portal provides different ways for our communications officers and external interested parties such as the media, schools or public authorities to find and follow our researchers and experts, as well as the research outputs they generate.  

Direct link to researchers’ personal profiles at the portal from the institutional webpage

By adding a direct link to portal's personal profile pages in the instutional webpage you'll be able to show all contain added to the LUCRIS databse, e.g. publications, projects, activities etc. A link which can be used in regard to project applications, reports etc. For those webbpages using Drupal as a publishing tool this link is included in the personal pages.

Possiblity republishing on local web pages

LUCRIS got an  API interface for republishing of information concerning people, publications, projects and activities at other web pages. To be able to use the API you'll need an account, and in order to get that (and more information) please contact the LUCRIS support: servicedesk [at]

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