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Things to consider before and during your trip

There are a number of factors to consider before you travel. Here are some tips on such matters. These pages also offer support if something were to happen to you during your travels.

Travel safety

Travel abroad can turn into a nightmare if you lose your passport, get involved in an accident or become seriously ill.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ foreign travel advice contains up to date information regarding countries to which it advises against travelling. Also, see the five latest recommendations in the newsfeed on the right of this page.

Read more about travel advice at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website (in Swedish only)

Advice before travelling abroad (Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website) (in Swedish only)

Read, follow, and if possible bring:

Kammarkollegiet’s “Goda råd på tjänsteresan” (Good advice for business travel) (in Swedish only)

Book your travel via the travel agency with which the University has an agreement. This is important in terms of safety as the travel agency is obligated to alert the University to situations where travelling employees find themselves in a crisis or disaster area. If something were to happen to you, or if your manager decides that you should return home, the University also has the option of rescheduling your trip.

If you book your own travel, the University will not be able to help you. If you have any concerns, please contact the chief security officer at Lund University.

Information about travel agencies

Below is a list of advice from Lund University to business travellers. Read the text and prepare for your trip.

Practical advice

Read more about business travel insurance under ‘Employment’

Vaccinations and visas

Additional advice before your travel

In case of emergencies

Charge cards

Presentation materials about Lund University

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