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Booking premises

Study rooms, seminar rooms, meeting rooms and conference premises.
Here you will find rooms for different purposes available for self-booking through the TimeEdit booking system. You can also find which buildings have meeting rooms.

How to book meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are booked using the TimeEdit booking system. When booking rooms, you must log in with your Lucat ID and password.

In TimeEdit you will find descriptions of the bookable facilities and there is also information on the number of seats, equipment and price.

Book a meeting room in the room booking system TimeEdit (in Swedish)

Prices expire 2017-03-31 in Swedish (PDF 351 kB, new window)

Prices from 2017-04-01 in Swedish (PDF 351 kB, new window)

Lund University is in the process of replacing the room booking system from the old “TimeEdit Lokal” to a modern Resource Booking System, TimeEdit (Version 3). Further information can be obtained at (in Swedish).

Rooms which cannot be booked in the booking system

Some rooms cannot be booked through the room booking system.

Book a room at the Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL): lokalbokare [at]

Book a room at LUX: schema [at]

Book a room at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH): schema [at]

Book a room at Palaestra: lokalbokning [at]

Book a room at the Old Biskop's House: gamlabiskopshuset [at]

Book a room in the Main University building: bokning [at]

Book a room at HSC: more information available here (new window)

Book a room at CRC: more information available here (new window)

Book a room at BMC: more information available here (new window)

Seminar rooms

If your booking concerns a room at your department or faculty, contact the booking officer at your department/faculty.

If the booking concerns one of the University’s shared rooms, contact: lokalbokning [at]

Conference premises

If you want advice or help regarding a suitable room for your conference contact LU Conferences. It is also through LU Conferences that you book room in the Old Biskop's House or rooms in the main University building, contact LU Conferences at gamlabiskopshuset [at] or bokning [at]

More information about booking a conference room available here

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