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Annual academic ceremony, 27 January 2023

Photo of a ceremoni.

All students, staff and friends are welcome to the University’s annual academic ceremony on 27 January 2023. The programme includes musical entertainment, award presentations and speeches, and concludes with refreshments.

Lund University’s anniversary is celebrated with an academic ceremony that highlights first and second-cycle education. The prizes presented during the ceremony include Lund University’s Administrative Prize and the Students’ Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

Time and place: 27 January 2023 16:00-17:15 | Main University Building auditorium.

The University’s anniversary is celebrated with an academic ceremony that highlights first and second-cycle education. The annual ceremony is usually held on King Charles’ name day, which was the day Lund University was inaugurated in 1668.

All those interested are welcome to attend the ceremony at the auditorium in the Main University Building followed by an informal reception and refreshments at Pelarsalen.

See the programme (in Swedish)

During the ceremony, the following prizes and awards will be presented:

The Lund University Silver Medal is awarded to the former senior judge of appeal Lars Göran Abelson. He receives the Silver Medal for his work, spanning more than 20 years, as the member with legal expertise on the University’s Disciplinary Board. Through solid competence, long experience and professional expertise, Lars Göran Abelson has made a crucial contribution to the Disciplinary Board to ensure high quality and legal compliance over many years. This was particularly vital during the pandemic years, which saw a considerable rise in the number of disciplinary cases.

The University Administrative Prize 2023 was awarded to Lena Nielsen at the LTH faculty office and Gabriella Johansson at the Faculty of Social Sciences Library.

The Administrative Prize 2023 is awarded to Lena Nielsen and Gabriella Johansson | Staff Pages (

The Lund Students’ Prize for Excellence in Teaching 2023 is awarded for outstanding contributions to education. This year, the prize goes to Tina Mattsson at the School of Social Work, Lena M. Jönsson at Medical Radiation Physics and Kristiina Savin at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences.

Lund Students’ Prize for Excellence in Teaching 2023 | Staff Pages

The Karin Dahlgren Scholarship is to promote the nurturing and education of students at Lund University, in particular people who maintain and develop academic traditions. The scholarship for 2023 is awarded to Hanna Lundström, who has been assistant hat marshal and worked on the annual academic ceremony, the inauguration ceremony for new professors, Anna Lindh Lectures etc.

The ceremony will be held in Swedish.