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Climate collaboration CoAction Lund gathers speed

A man with a rental bike, putting it back it back on track.

Car travel accounts for half of all emissions in Lund. In order to reach the climate targets set out, it will be necessary for more people to choose sustainable commuting. Now all the members of CoAction Lund have committed to promote sustainable travel together, for commuting, business travel and the transport of goods.

Lund University is contributing expertise to the collaboration, and is also participating as one of the city’s major employers. As part of this commitment, all members of CoAction Lund are to develop a green travel plan and implement at least five measures to facilitate and encourage sustainable choices for their employees, such as lift sharing, cycling or public transport.

CoAction is a unique way of collaborating with other stakeholders and companies to try and solve challenges so that the municipality can become climate neutral by 2030. Lund University wants to contribute knowledge and be part of the collaboration and solutions to enable the achievement of CoAction’s aims,” says the University’s Environmental Manager Claes Nilén. 

As a University recognised for its strong commitment to sustainability, participating in CoAction is a natural progression. 

“We are ranked eighth best on sustainability, out of all the world’s universities. That is also to be reflected in our daily life and on our campuses. As an important stakeholder in Lund, we are keen to contribute to the CoAction collaboration,” says Per Mickwitz, pro vice-chancellor for research, sustainability and campus development.

More than 40 activities within mobility and energy

CoAction Lund is to carry out more than 40 different activities aimed at reaching the climate goals. Apart from promoting sustainable travel, the focus is on increasing the proportion of locally produced and renewable energy – something that is crucial to reaching climate goals and avoiding future power shortfalls. CoAction Lund is also working on new methods of sharing energy between buildings and electric vehicles, as well as freeing up electricity using flexible control. An innovative infrastructure is central to this work.

This is CoAction Lund

CoAction Lund was established over a year ago, when 25 organisations signed a statement of intent and agreed to support the municipality’s climate goals.

In early June the collaboration took a big step forward, receiving SEK 20 million in a grant from the Swedish Innovation Authority Vinnova, Viable Cities and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Along with the SnabbSam initiative in Stockholm, CoAction Lund is a system demonstrator for climate neutral cities, i.e. a pilot that will show the way for other cities in Sweden and around the world.

CoAction Lund includes the following organisations: Akademiska Hus, Alfa Laval, Axis, Camurus, Coride, EC2B, Energy Opticon, ESS, Future by Lund, Ideon Science Park, Innovation Skåne, Kraftringen, LKF, LKP, Lund Municipality, Lund University, Medicon Village, Modity, Rise, Skånetrafiken, Tetra Pak, the Swedish Transport Administration, Trivector, ViaEuropa and Wihlborgs.