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EduLab – experimental platform as a testbed for new courses

Two women discussing something.

Do you have an idea for a course aimed at professionals? The newly established EduLab is a place where you can evaluate it and get help to make it reality. At EduLab, you may test your idea if, for example, there is not sufficient funding in your home department, or if collaboration across department and faculty boundaries is making things tricky.

For the most part, the University has already established pathways for developing new course concepts. There may, however, be occasions when other ways are needed – that is why EduLab has been set up as a complementary model.

EduLab is mainly concerned with lifelong learning, with extra focus on things that can be considered professional development. So as not to suffocate promising ideas in their infancy, we want to avoid getting trapped in too rigid a definition of the concepts.

The courses are primarily aimed at geographically dispersed participants who are often professionals. For that reason, short courses often work best (relatively few credits), preferably offered remotely and at 25% or 50% of full time. There may be cases when these criteria need to be stretched; we strive to take a flexible approach.

It is useful if there is an intended target audience in mind for the course, so that the question of how best to reach that group can be considered at the concept development stage.

EduLab should not be seen as a competitor to departments or faculties, but as a complement. Faculties and departments will be involved in discussions about a possible EduLab-financed course. Departments’ directors of studies are often invited for discussions at an early stage of development.

If you have a good idea for a course you are welcome to contact Mikael Sundström (mikael [dot] sundstrom [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se) or Sahar Valizadeh (sahar [dot] valizadeh [at] ldc [dot] lu [dot] se).