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How much electricity have we saved?

Diagram over the latest year's energy usage.

In autumn 2022, all Swedish public authorities were tasked with saving as much energy as possible and appropriate in order to keep energy use down this winter. Together with our property owners, we have implemented a variety of measures, both large and small.

Many turned down ventilation systems slightly, but without falling below authorised limits. Other measures adopted include continuing to change lighting to LED, shutting down equipment and closing fume hoods when not in use, and adjusting the indoor temperature.

We achieved a significant reduction in our electricity use in December compared to the same month the previous year.

Premises managed by Akademiska Hus achieved a 13% reduction on average. When the electricity network was “overstretched” with a high risk of high electricity prices and load on the grid for one week in December, we achieved a reduction of an additional few per cent. At the time, the University had made an overall decision to reduce ventilation in all Akademiska Hus premises, while Akademiska Hus closed a geothermal plant (electric-powered heat pump) and temporarily switched to district heating. Electricity usage during January 2023 was also noticeably reduced compared to previous years.

The remit to save energy lasts until the end of March. The intention is to learn from these experiences in order to continue to improve energy efficiency and reduce the University’s overall energy use. This is one of the objectives of our recently revised Sustainability Plan.