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New procedure for customer profiles at Egencia travel agency

A new procedure is soon to be introduced regarding entitlements to have a customer profile at the Egencia travel agency.

There are two entitlements and you apply for both via Lucat:

  • Traveller – to be able to book trips for yourself (you get this automatically if you already have a customer profile, thus you do not need to reapply)
  • Travel booker – to be able to book trips for other University employees and external guests.

If you are to book trips for others, you must apply for this in Lucat. This also applies to those who currently have the entitlement. Read more about this below.

Are you a new customer? For a two-week period (24 April–10 May) you must apply for a new customer profile via both Lucat and the current procedure. Read more on the Staff Pages.

As of 11 May, you can only apply for entitlements for your customer profile in Lucat. The entitlements will be transferred from Lucat to Egencia on a daily basis.

Booking trips for yourself

If you already have a customer profile at the travel agency, you have been assigned the Traveller authorisation in Lucat. Your existing data at Egencia will be retained and also complemented with information about your work telephone number. Just as before, the mobile number will need to be added at the travel agency (via telephone or via their self-service portal).

To ensure the name on tickets matches the name in the passport in those countries that are strict about this, you must, just as today, contact the travel team (resor [at] lu [dot] se) and clarify exactly which given name and other first names and last name that apply according to the passport. There is NO automatic updating of names at the travel agency based on name changes made in Lucat (or Primula) after the initial name transfer in conjunction with a Traveller application for new users. Name changes require that you contact the travel team according to the above in order to make updates at the travel agency.

Booking trips for others

Everyone must request this profile addition again when the customer profiles are transferred. Those who will be booking for other University employees or guests must already at this point go into Lucat and apply for the Travel booker authorisation. Thus, this applies to both those who have that option today at the travel agency and those who are to apply for a completely new profile.

Apply via Lucat

In Lucat, you find the entitlement under IT service group/Infrastructure – IT service/Travel booking, for more instructions either read in the Swedish support guide, or ask your local directory administrator. In conjunction with the application, you must state which cost centre applies for the entitlement, i.e. the cost centre where you normally assign invoices for trips. After approval by the relevant manager, the information will be transferred to the travel agency.

In connection with the change of procedure, your profile will be linked to your user name from Lucat instead of your email address (which is the case today). This means that your customer profile will be kept up to date even if you change positions within the University.

Clearance of profiles

LDC have gone through existing profiles at Egencia and cleared away those that could not be identified when comparing with Lucat. Above all, this clearance includes all profiles with incorrectly entered email addresses and users who have chosen to state a private email address at the travel agency. Profiles with inactive cost centres have also been deactivated. These will be contacted via a separate email message.

Invoices for travel

In conjunction with the new procedure, “Billing unit” will be removed, i.e. you no longer have to state your faculty. You state, as usual, the cost centre that is to pay for your trip when booking. Lund University and cost centre are the only selectable options.