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New web solution will focus on prospective students

Notes on a laundry line.
Thoughts from LU staff members on how we can achieve a better web experience for prospective students, from the exhibition at Skissernas Museum in February 2023.

A newly started project is to produce a web solution to support potential students in the process of choosing courses and programmes. The decision to implement the project “A unified web experience for education” was taken at the Vice-Chancellor’s decision-making meeting on 30 November.

The aim of the “a unified web experience for education” project is to create a modern service website that provides support and guides students in choosing courses and programmes, and also frees up staff members’ time and creativity. The vision is that the University’s education website is to be a service website focusing on prospective students. The project, which started earlier in December, is expected to run for 18 months.

Major deficiencies in current course and programme presentations 

At present, prospective students perceive information about the educational offering at Lund University as fragmented, overwhelming, incomplete and difficult in terms of making course and programme comparisons. The wide variation in the content and volume of material also leads to unequal presentations for those who want to choose between different courses and programmes. Potential students are also requesting more “friendly” and descriptive content, preferably in video format as well as more visualisations in the presentation of courses and programmes.  

Improvement potential in internal working methods

Internal work on education-related information has also been shown to have considerable potential for improvement. Representatives from all the faculties have described working in silos, unclear roles and work processes, a high degree of ad hoc work and inadequate system support. The presentation of courses and programmes is also published twice or three times on different websites within the University. This leads to inefficiency and jeopardises the quality assurance of information on education.

New design, content, technology and working method 

The new web solution will bring together all information about courses and programmes for prospective students on the main websites and

This project will therefore develop the design and content for how the entire University presents its courses and programmes online, as well as an associated IT solution. In addition, the project will develop a virtual organisation with common processes for managing information on education intended for potential students. 
The guiding principles for work on the project will be co-creation and establishing the support of both students and organisation representatives. There is a strong determination to work together more with a common direction among the LU staff members who expressed opinions in workshops, interviews and during the exhibition that focused on the journey for prospective students at the Skissernas Museum.

The project is in the start-up phase 

Project preparations have just started with the recent appointment of a project group and project manager, Lars Rasch from LDC. Together, they will establish the forms for work, internally and with external suppliers, as well as produce an overall project plan. A network of people with relevant roles from different parts of the organisation will be set up for consultations during the project. The project owner is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chair of the Education Board, Lena Eskilsson.

The project will provide frequent information and offer opportunities for dialogue concerning the work.

Mapping of current situation and vision for the future

Insights into the perspectives of prospective students and staff members were gained from the Vision for the education website project, which ran from September 2022 to May 2023. The project mapped the current situation, in the form of a user survey for prospective students, as well as workshops and interviews with representatives from the organisation.

The potential student’s user experience – the journey for prospective students – was presented at a one-day exhibition at Skissernas Museum in February. The exhibition was visited by 240 staff members from different parts of Lund University who contributed thoughts and ideas.

The vision project also produced a description of a desired new situation – a vision and an overall concept for a future education website. 

See the Vice-Chancellor's decision: Genomförande av projektet En samlad utbildningswebb. (in Swedish)