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News from the University management 1 April

On the management’s agenda

RISE to become an important bridge between academia and business

In his blog, Torbjörn von Schantz writes that he is “especially proud and happy that Lund University has signed a collaboration agreement with RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden”. The objective is to build bridges between Lund University and business, and the agreement also provides room for education, students, and student influence. The University already has many activities on the border between academia and business/industry. “We already have good structures for innovation and collaboration, and these activities will now be given an extra boost as we establish a formalised collaboration with RISE. By collaborating within an industry research institute, we can more easily exchange knowledge with the industry, but also jointly find funding outside government research grants. We have also seen that small and medium-sized companies can more easily find the skills they need through contacts with research institutes, rather than via direct contact with a university”, writes the Vice-Chancellor.

Interesting meetings in Indonesia

Eva Wiberg has been to Indonesia, together with a Swedish delegation consisting of representatives from the Swedish universities of Lund, Uppsala, Stockholm and Linköping, and the institutes of technology KTH and Chalmers. During the visit, they met with some of the leading researchers in the country. The aim was to find new collaboration projects within different areas of research. In her blog, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor writes that Sweden has a tradition of conducting research related to Indonesia, and that many of the participants made valuable contacts for the future. Read more on the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s blog

In the midst of the cultural dynamics

The first meeting of the Arts Council has taken place, and in his blog, the Vice-Chancellor writes that he somewhat dreaded this meeting “as I myself often feel that I’m on the cultural periphery. As a professor of zoology, my research has been quite removed from the arts. I also do not come from a home that automatically put me in close contact with cultural life in its highest forms”. However, Torbjörn von Schantz says that he does understand the significance of culture, and that “it is important and crucial to societal development, and that culture defines human beings and humanity”. His apprehensions before the meeting soon turned out to be unnecessary, and the meeting proved to have many suggestions on how to strengthen the University as a culturally significant institution.

Teacher training programme to move to Lund

Torbjörn von Schantz has made the decision that the teacher training programme will be gradually moved from Campus Helsingborg to Lund. The aim is for the study programme to become more connected to the faculties, writes the Vice-Chancellor in his blog. He sees several advantages with this new direction: The quality will improve as students will be closer to their subjects and research within the various departments; students and teaching staff will be in the same environment, not only in class; and research on teaching methods in schools and higher education, and the expertise in secondary education will benefit from a co-location.

LU news

EU Commission to visit the University

The representatives of the EU Commission in Sweden are currently touring the country, and will visit Lund University on 14 April. Their visit will include a climate seminar, and a panel discussion about the refugee crisis. The day will end with the debate forum Studentafton with EU commissioner Cecilia Malmström and others. More information and to register for the event

Theme of the Humanities and Theology Days: Conflicts

This year’s Humanities and Theology Days will take place on 8–9 April and will include some 40 popular science lectures of 20 minutes each in LUX and at the Centre for Languages and Literature.

Higher education news

The Government wants higher education boards to be gender equal

An even gender balance and collective responsibility: These are two aspects that the Minister for Higher Education and Research Helene Hellmark Knutsson will emphasise when the Swedish Government is to present a new system for how the higher education boards are to be composed, writes Universitetsläraren. She has now submitted a bill on how the nomination process is to take place, in which an even gender balance is key. It will thereby eliminate the current model, in which the nominating group is run by county governors, and otherwise consist of one expert on the higher education institution and sector in question, and one student. The group is to be reduced from three to two members, still include one expert and one who is to be appointed by the Government, i.e. removing the student representative and county governor. “No longer having the groups run by county governors is a way to underline the fact that all higher education institutions have a national mandate”, says Helene Hellmark Knutsson to Universitetsläraren.

“Let the public sector reintroduce administrators”

“Many employees within public administration are motivated by an internal drive, rather than an external one. In recent years, the focus has been on control systems, which may result in less motivation. Meanwhile, people have the right to expect a proper exercise of public authority. There needs to be a balance”, writes researcher at LUSEM Louise Bringselius, in an opinion piece in Dagens Nyheter. She mentions four challenges, including work duties which have been affected by the reduced time to perform core tasks. This is partly due to a growing eagerness to measure various aspects – a trend in which administrative support is increasingly stripped away. Bringselius finds that an increase in the number of administrators would give them time to do the work for which they are employed.


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