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The preliminary timetable for this year's salary review is now set

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Central negotiations are still ongoing at national level regarding new agreements between state employers and the employeer organisations with which these employers have collective agreements. However, the intention of the central parties is to have new agreements in place by 1 October, which Lund University has assumed in the planning of the salary review.

Preliminary timetable for salary review at Lund University (with reservations for changes):  

  • During September and October, managers conduct follow-up discussions before the salary review with all employees (regardless of employee organisation affiliation) who have accepted the offer of a follow-up discussion.    
  • In November, managers and local Seko and OFR/S organisations exchange salary offers for employees who are members of these employee organisations.    
  • In December, the managers of the operations will negotiate with Seko and OFR/S on each individual member's new salary.   
  • After the negotiations have been concluded, in January next year, managers will hold salary appraisals with employees who are members of Seko or OFR/S, and announce and justify the new salary.   
  • For employees who are members of Saco-S, or are unorganised, the manager sets the new salary and justifies and communicates this in a so-called salary-setting appraiaL. The appraisal  will be held from mid-November to mid-December. New for this year is that the form previously used has been replaced by a digital salary agreement in Primula.
  • The new salaries are planned to be paid in February 2024 (retroactively from the salary revision date of 1 October 2023), if all goes according to plan.    

These employees are covered by the salary review

The salary review covers all those who are employed on the day before the salary review date, i.e. 30 September 2023, and have ongoing employment on 1 October. Employees who are on parental leave or sick leave at the time of the salary review are also covered.

Student employees, intermittent employees and employees who are on full leave are not covered by the salary review. For those on full leave a salary review will be carried out in connection with their return to work.

Doctoral students

Doctoral students' salaries are handled in a completely separate track, based on a local agreement on doctoral salaries.

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