The Pufendorf Institute’s annual call for Theme and ASG applications 2020–2021

Pufendorf exterior

The Pufendorf Institute has now opened its annual call for Theme and Advanced Study Group (ASG) applications for the autumn semester 2020 to spring semester 2021 period. The call is aimed at all researchers at Lund University.

The application deadline is 7 January 2020.

Find calls for applications here (in Swedish)

Read more at the Pufendorf webpage:

About the Pufendorf IAS

The Pufendorf IAS (Pufendorfinstitutet) is an interdisciplinary institute at Lund University. The institute was inaugurated in 2009 and is a place where researchers from all faculties at Lund University – from science and medicine to the humanities and arts – are invited to work together. The aim is to be a creative forum, an incubator for new ideas and a springboard for new research initiatives.

The Pufendorf IAS offers opportunities for researchers to work together on problems across subject and faculty boundaries – finding better answers to questions through cooperation.
All researchers at Lund University can propose a ‘Theme’ or an Advanced Study Group (ASG) – accepted groups spend 8 months at the Institute. Work is carried out in large group based research activities called “Themes” or, in smaller constellations, “Advanced Study Groups”.