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Salary review: It is soon time for salary-setting appraisals for Saco-S members and non-union employees

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If you are a member of Saco-S or not a member of an employee organisation i.e. a non-union employee, you will soon have a salary-setting appraisal with your manager.

According to the University’s timetable for this year’s salary review, the salary-setting appraisal will be held between mid-November and mid-December.
In the appraisal, you and your manager will discuss your performance during the assessment period that forms the basis for this year’s salary review (1 October 2021-30 September 2022). Based on this, your manager will justify and communicate your new salary to you.  
If you are a member of OFR or Seko, the new salary will be established through negotiation with OFR and Seko respectively, for which your manager’s salary proposal is the basis. This means that you will be informed about your new salary once Lund University and OFR or Seko are fully agreed on all individual salaries.   
If you have any questions, contact your line manager.   
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