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The University’s handling of the Coronavirus spread

Lund University is following the Government and Public Health Authority’s new recommendations regarding measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. The University has therefore decided that education and examinations should be conducted using online alternatives (distance education) from 18 March.
University facilities will remain open.

30 March 2020  The University has decided to not organise any meetings, conferences or other gatherings involving more than 50 participants. The decision follows the Government’s ban on public gatherings involving more than 50 participants, which entered into force on 29 March. Read the Government’s decision on

26 March: The Vice-chancellor Torbjörn von Schantz writes in his blog: "A big thank you for all the creativity, good ideas and hard work and for the solidarity I am seeing! We are a strong university with the capacity to manage the transition that we are carrying out and that is thanks to all the positive contributions." Read the blog post.

Transition to Distance Education

As of March 18, the University has transitioned to distance education, following the Government's recommendations (17 March), due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus.

In connection with this change, the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) has changed its regulations. For example, urgent changes to examination forms and syllabuses are now permitted. Read more about UKÄ's changed regulations (in Swedish).

In the main, however, there will be no campus-based teaching or examinations. This represents a challenge but is also an opportunity for strengthening the digitalization of education.

University facilities are not closed and can be used.

Stay at home or not?

If you have symptoms such as stuffy/runny nose, cough or fever, you are to stay at home, even if your symptoms are mild, see the detailed description at the Public Health Authority.

If the symptoms are so mild that you can still work, check with your line manager about the possibility of working from home.

If you do not have symptoms, but still want to work from home, raise the matter with your manager, who will determine whether or not it is possible. The prime consideration is that the University’s activities are to go on, which means that some staff members need to be at the workplace all or part of the time, whereas others can carry out their duties remotely.

Read more under our FAQ for Staff, FAQ for managers as well as our practical tips.

Lund University’s crisis management

In view of the above and in order to ensure a safe workplace and study environment for employees and students, and to help minimise the possible spread of infection, the University has updated its decision 30 March:

  • until further notice only to authorise domestic business travel after consultation with the line manager and with careful consideration of the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations for such trips. This does not apply to business trips between the University’s campuses in Lund, Malmö, Helsingborg and Ljungbyhed.
  • as of 18 March 2020 and until further notice to conduct teaching and assessments of students’ performance using distance methods. Otherwise, activities are to be conducted as before, apart from the exceptions stated below.
  • to cancel all education components abroad that have yet to start, up to and including 30 June. This also applies to education for incoming international students that has yet to start.
  • until further notice not to authorise any business trips abroad. This also applies to travel within the framework of education. This applies for as long as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) advises against non-essential travel to all countries.
  • that all international visits are to be cancelled until further notice.
  • until further notice not to organise meetings, conferences, or other gatherings with over 50 participants. The recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency to reduce the spread of infection in society are to be observed when organising gatherings and meetings. This applies to all activities at the University, i.e. education, research, external engagement and administration. It applies to gatherings of the University’s employees and students as well as invited guests.
  • to allow changes to approved course and programme syllabi regarding the spring semester of 2020 concerning the forms of assessment of student’s performance and for conducting teaching online, in those cases where it is possible to maintain the quality of the education. Decisions on changes are made by the same official who made the decision regarding the course or programme syllabus. The decision is to be documented with a statement concerning the reason for the change.
  • to give staff the opportunity to work from home in cases where the line manager assesses that this is possible.

In cases where work are affected by the decision above, you are to contact your manager so that work can be conducted in the best possible way.

Affected staff are also encouraged to stay updated via the websites below:

For this information in Swedish,

Q&A on corona

Questions? corona [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se

Sweden's news - The Local

Keep yourself updated at (information from Swedish authorities)

How to avoid infection?

  • avoid close contact with people who are ill 
  • wash your hands often with soap and warm water, for at least 30 seconds
  • cough and sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue
  • stay home when you are ill. Even if it is only mild symptoms.

Make yourself contactable!

All staff and students are encouraged to provide their mobile telephone number in Passport. We can then send text messages to you if we need to.
1. Go to the account management portal Passport
2. Log in as “User”
3. Select “Verification of contact information”
4. Follow the instructions.

Hold digital meetings

– instead of travelling. There are different solutions for this, e.g. Teams for which everyone has a licence.
Read more about digital meetings

On-line education

There is support in Canvas on how to go from campus to online teaching, read more.
The Division for Higher Education Development offers some support on Teach-online,read more.

Read more practical tips

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The University’s handling of the Coronavirus spread

The University’s handling of the Coronavirus spread

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