Two postal rounds become one and postage is paid

On 1 January, LU Service will take over the postage costs for the entire University and the University Postal Service will reduce the number of postal rounds from two to one per day.

This means that it will no longer be possible to send mail from the tray for outgoing mail for delivery the same day. Otherwise, there are no changes relating to delivery and collection of mail.

The University Postal Service has also increased the number of mail boxes by one at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) and one at Kemicentrum. The blue post boxes are emptied twice a day, at 07.30 and kl.15.30

New envelopes from 1 January 2020

The old envelopes will no longer be used after LU Service starts paying the postage, because a new barcode is needed to ensure the right cost centre is debited.

New and old barcodes

You can use your old envelopes as usual until 29th of February 2020. When you do your next order of envelopes the new envelopes will have the new bar codes. Contact Media-Tryck at info [at] mediatryck [dot] lu [dot] se for assistance.

Hand in old envelopes and get new ones in return.

Units that have many old envelopes can exchange these free of charge. This only applies to unopened boxes of envelopes.

The exchange process

Hand in the unit’s unopened boxes of envelopes at the post room at the latest by 20 January. Mark the boxes with the sender’s name, so that the University Postal Service knows where to send the new envelopes. The University Postal Service will place an order with Media-Tryck for the same number of new envelopes. The new envelopes will be delivered at the latest in February.

The change does not apply to mass mailouts

The sender will continue to pay postage costs for mass mailouts. The new envelopes cannot be used for mailouts ­– mailout envelopes are ordered as usual from Media-Tryck, which can not only print the content, but also fill and address the envelopes and ensure they are sent off.