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Use paper sparingly! Copy paper is in short supply

Stacks of paper. Mostphotos.

Major shortages of copy paper are expected throughout the spring semester, potentially until the start of the autumn. Those concerned are therefore urged to buy alternative products such as perforated paper or paper of a different thickness and, if possible, to build up a local stock.

Our copy paper supplier, Antalis, has informed us that they, and other suppliers in Europe, have extensive delivery problems for copy paper. Several paper mills in Scandinavia have ceased their activities and production in the remaining mills has been converted to producing cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

At present, there is a strike at a major paper mill in Finland. Due to the lasting international shortcomings in logistics systems, it is not possible to find alternatives in North America or Asia. The war in Ukraine has further exacerbated delivery problems.

Altogether, a major shortage of copy paper is expected throughout the spring semester, potentially until the start of the autumn.

Deliveries of white hole-punched and unpunched 80-gram and 90-gram A4 paper from our supplier have been suspended and no orders can be placed via Lupin. Some thicker paper or coloured paper may be available. 

  • Everyone is urged to economise on print-outs:
  • Don’t print out anything that is not absolutely necessary to have on paper.
  • If you must print out, use both sides of the paper.
  • If there is any activity that can be digitised, this is a good time to do it.

It is permitted until further notice to purchase paper from other sources, if available. The total of such purchases should not exceed the direct-award tender limit.

The Purchase and Procurement Office in cooperation with LU Service has organised a buffer stock of copy paper. Departments and divisions can order limited amounts from there according to a specific procedure managed by each department’s purchasing coordinator.