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What is the difference between the University Management and the University Management Group?

A photo of the interior from the University Buildning

Lund University has many organisational units and functions. It is not easy to keep up with what is what and it can be confusing when we refer to the same thing using different terms. If you are unsure what is what and what it is called, you can check the LU Glossary.

There has now been a decision by the Vice-Chancellor on updates to the names of the units in the University Management.

Among other things, the decision states that the University Management is the collective term for the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellors and the University Director. The University Management Group is the collective term for the University Management (see definition above) and the President and Vice-President of the Lund University Students’ Unions (LUS). The Swedish title “Vicerektor för kommunikation, kurage och karaktär” becomes Pro Vice-Chancellor (Vice President in US English) for communication, integrity and character in English.

Consult the LU Glossary to find English terms for various functions and titles in Swedish at Lund University.

English-Swedish LU Glossary | Academic Writing in English

Svensk-engelsk LU-ordlista | Academic Writing in English

The LU Glossary will shortly be updated in accordance with the latest decision.