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This year’s salary review is now underway

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Those covered by this year’s salary review are the colleagues employed at the University on 30 September 2022 (employees on parental or sick leave included).

For employees who have been on a leave of absence for a long period, salaries will be decided prior to their return to work in accordance with the principles set out in the local agreement on salary that is not part of a salary review (Reg. no 252/2009).

Doctoral students’ salaries will be handled according to the principles in the local agreement on salary levels for doctoral students (Reg. no F85 4974/2006).

Evaluation period

The period for which managers are to evaluate their employees’ performance is 1 October 2021–30 September 2022.

Salaries for new employees:

  • Employees who begin their employment on or after 1 October 2022 are to have their salary set at the 2022 pay level.
  • Staff appraisal/follow-up appraisal during October at the latest.
  • During October at the latest, employees are to have had a combined staff appraisal/follow-up appraisal with their line manager. Employees who are members of OFR and SEKO often refer to the follow-up appraisal as a salary appraisal.
  • The discussion should be focused on the content of the work, the achievement of goals based on the staff appraisal and how well the work is done. Both parties’ views should be aired.

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