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LU News 5 | 2022

In this issue you can read Kristina Eneroth talk about the university's work in mapping the university's international activities. The Vice-Chancellor writes about the war in Ukraine and how it can affect academia and democracy.

You can also read about the university's major event for Ukraine on March 17.

    On the University Management’s agenda

    ERik Renström. Foto: Kennet Ruona.

    Erik Renström, Vice-Chancellor

    "Intensive work is being done on how we can open the doors to Ukraine, both at EU level, national level and at Lund University."

    Read Erik Renström's blog post:

    The war in Ukraine affects and worries – the work for free academies and democracy more important than ever

    "This speech goes to the core of our raison d'être as a free academy."

    Read the Vice-Chancellor's speech during the Annual Celebration

    Kristina Eneroth, Pro Vice-Chancellor

    Kristina Eneroth. Photo: Kennet Ruona.

    "The University’s International Council has started working on the development of a new approach to broad international issues. The objective is to enable the University to act faster and more proactively in its international work."

    On the path to clearer global engagement

    The University management in front of the univeristy building. Kennet Ruona.

    Current updates from University Management

    The university building photographed from the ground.

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