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Joining the National Government Service Centre

How the transition will affect you
Here you will find information about Lund University’s transition to SSC Primula.

In October 2018, Lund University began using the SSC (National Government Service Centre) Primula for payroll management, instead of the current University Primula (Primula Web). You will recognise the new SSC Primula as it is quite similar to what you currently use to register annual leave, change your address, view payslips or submit travel expense reports. SSC Primula offers more self-reporting features, allowing you to register more cases independently than you can today. For example, you will be able to apply for health promotion benefits and time off in SSC Primula rather than submitting a paper form.

Timeline for the transition to SSC Primula

What should I do when SSC Primula opens on 8 October?

  • All cases that you have saved must now be entered in SSC Primula, and any saved original receipts, etc. must be submitted to the HR officer at your department or equivalent, in accordance with the established procedures at your workplace.
  • All cases involving requests for payments in connection with the October salary must be registered in good time to allow for your manager’s approval. The approval deadline is 15 October at 12:00 (noon). NB: both employees and managers will have very limited time to process cases in October.
  • Questions regarding your salary, reimbursements and payments should be directed to SSC web support. The web portal is in Swedish, but all questions can be asked in English.
    Go to SSC service portal (in Swedish)

After the transition to SSC Primula

Secondary employment

Employees register their own information in SSC Primula.

Self-termination of employment

Employees register requests for the termination of their employment in SSC Primula.

Reimbursements (on-call service, inconvenient working hours supplements and additional working hours)

Employees register their own information in SSC Primula.

Time off

Employees register their own requests for time off in SSC Primula.

Concentrated part-time – timetable in Primula

If you work concentrated part-time* you must notify SSC which days you are completely off each week so that deductions for sick leave, annual leave, and time off can be calculated correctly. You can notify SSC using the comments box when applying for leave/time off. If you are already working concentrated part-time, or if your number of working hours change, you are to notify SSC via the Portal.

*Concentrated part-time means that the employee works fewer than five calendar days a week. If you work part-time and your hours are distributed over five days each week, it will not affect your annual leave/equivalent and does therefore not need to be registered in Primula.

Travel expense reports

Employees register their own information in SSC Primula.

Annual leave

Employees register their own information in SSC Primula.

Sick leave

Employees must register their sick leave on their first day of illness in SSC Primula. When you are well again, report your recovery in SSC Primula.

Healthcare and medication reimbursements, health promotion

Employees are to register their own requests for healthcare and medication reimbursements as well as health promotion benefits in SSC Primula. Any original receipts must also be submitted along with a printed form, in accordance with the established procedure at your workplace.

Caring for a sick child

Employees register their own information in SSC Primula.


The Government has decided that the payroll administration of all public authorities is to be carried out by the National Government Service Centre – a government authority operating under the Ministry of Finance – which offers payroll administration, finance administration and e-commerce services to Swedish public authorities.

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