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Working conditions

Lund University Staff Pages will help you find answers to almost every question you might have concerning your working conditions and we have provided “an entrance” to this information here.

Being a public employee

As an employee of a public authority, you have both rights and obligations as well as certain benefits.

Find out more about working for a public authority

The implications of being a public employee in Sweden are also described in an online course called “Vårt uppdrag”, available in English. This online course contains film clips, slide shows, voice-overs and interactions. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Read more and register in Kompetensportalen

Salary and benefits

Find out more about the factors which affect salaries at Lund University and discover what benefits you have as an employee, how salaries are paid out and what applies in the case of fees.

Read more salary and benefits

You own your own research - Intellectual Property Rights

In Sweden, researchers own the rights to their findings (Intellectual property rights of Academic staff) – which entails both a great opportunity and a responsibility.

Read more about IPR of Academic staff

Annual leave

Are you planning to apply for annual leave – or do you want to know how many days of annual leave you have?

Read more about annual leave and other types of leave of absence

Insurance for international staff

As an employee of Lund University, you are covered by various insurance policies, both at or on the way to your workplace, but also during business travel.

Read more about insurance for international staff

Professional and careers development and staff appraisals

In order to attract, retain and develop employees, Lund University offers a wide range of careers and professional development opportunities. The career development activities for academic staff are offered in English and the vast majority are free of charge.

Read more about the opportunities for professional and careers development at Lund University

Staff appraisals are to be conducted annually with all employees. The appraisal is based on the goals of the organisation as well as your own individual goals. There are different ways to prepare for the staff appraisal as an employee.

Read more about how to prepare for the staff appraisal as an employee

Work environment

The objective of Lund University’s work environment management is to create an environment that you find rewarding and stimulating. By offering a stimulating workplace, we help employees to thrive and perform well.

Read more about work environment and health

Gender equality and equal opportunities

The University’s activities are based on gender equality and the pursuit of ethnic and social diversity. The University recognises the equal value of all people and works to combat racism and xenophobia.

Reda more about gender equality and equal opportunities


Government employees have a particular responsibility when it comes to bribes. Employees or contractors at Lund University should not above suspicion of being influenced by irrelevant requests or considerations in their work.

Read more about your responsibility when it comes to bribes


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