Welcome to Lund University

Here you will find information about our Welcome days and a welcome package with information about Sweden, Lund and Lund University. A comprehensive guide will help you when settling in as a new citizen. We have also compiled information about the practical things you will need in order to start working.

Welcome days

The University organises welcome days twice a year for all the new employees at Lund University.

Read more and register in Kompetensportalen (in Swedish)

Welcome package for new employees

The welcome package gives you an introduction to your new country, your new city and your new employer.

Welcome package (PDF 206 kB, new tab)


Administrative systems at Lund University

The most important ones are SSC PRIMULA (HR-system, reporting sickness, getting your pay-slip, filling in travel expenses), LUPIN (an order system: you place orders and pay the invoices in the same system), LUCAT (A staff directory), LUCRIS, Lund University’s research information system (information on researchers, research groups, projects or research-related activities within, for example, external engagement), Kompetensportalen (system for professional development for staff).

Administrative systems at Lund University

Access card

You need an access card, known as an LU card, with a photograph in order to gain entry to University premises.

Read more about how to obtain an LU card

Internal mailing codes, cost centres

To send something to someone via internal mail, you need to know the internal mailing code for the person or the organisational unit. It is sometimes abbreviated to HS ("hämtställe" in Swedish).

Read more about internal mail

In order to do certain things, like book premises or buy something on invoice, you need to know the cost centre of your organisation. This is a six-figure code. Ask your manager what your cost centre is.


Åsa Thormählen
International HR-coordinator
Human Resources
+46 46 222 70 15
asa [dot] thormahlen [at] hr [dot] lu [dot] se