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Courses and programmes for managers and leaders

Are you a manager or hope to become a manager and want to develop your skills? Then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a range of courses and programmes for managers and leaders.

Managers are those with responsibility for staff and finances. Examples of leaders are principal investigators, project managers and team leaders.


Ledartrappan is the University’s main management training programme. The programme can be seen as a way to support our managers in their managerial careers over a long period of time. This way of organising management training is common in other organisations and ensures that managers receive continuing professional development training as their experience increases.

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Step 1: Curious about leadership

This course is aimed at employees without previous management experience, but who are deemed to have the potential to take on a leadership position in the future based on a joint assessment made by the employee and the manager. The course is also intended for employees who know they will be appointed to a management or leadership position in the near future and who are curious to know what that entails.

Step 2: New leader

This course is compulsory for new heads of department and is recommended for all new managers who have not previously completed equivalent professional development training at a university. Participants should start the course as soon as possible after their appointment. If you already have previous managerial/leadership experience (3 years or more) you can instead select Step 3: Experienced leader.

Step 3: Experienced leader

This course is aimed at those in management positions who have at least three years of managerial experience and want to develop their leadership skills. In some cases, the course may also be suitable for those with less experience but who hold high positions, such as a head of department. Major focus is placed on the important role of the target group in the management and development of the University as a whole.

Step 4: Very experienced leader

This course is about management team development. The aim is to proactively develop your management team, focusing on working methods and issues that can be linked to the team’s purpose and objectives, and to identify any needs for change as well as plan continued development work. Internal consultants support the process and the efforts are tailored according to the needs of each management team.

Basic management courses

The basic package of management courses is aimed at those entering a new management position. These courses are compulsory for new heads of department. The basic package currently comprises four courses:

  • Arbetsrätt/Employment Law
  • Arbetsmiljö/Work Environment
  • Hur gör jag rätt – om lagar och regler vid LU/Following legislation and rules at LU
  • Ekonomispel/Finance

These courses are intended to cover the basics of each area so that you are aware of the rules and your responsibilities as a manager.

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Optional courses for managers

These courses are aimed at managers/leaders and provide an opportunity to develop or broaden your knowledge of a certain area. You are welcome to select courses based on your needs. The range of courses offered may vary over time and is developed on an ongoing basis in line with needs and demand. However, some courses will be offered continually.

Examples of courses:

  • Utveckling av grupp och ledare/Development of groups and leaders
  • Utvecklingssamtal/Staff appraisals
  • Konflikthantering och känsliga samtal/Conflict management and sensitive conversations

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