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Salary-setting appraisal

The salary-setting appraisal is a development of the salary appraisal in which you and your manager discuss your salary; it can only be offered to Saco-S members. In order to take part in a salary-setting appraisal, you must first have had a staff appraisal.

For employees who are members of Saco-S, salary-setting appraisals will be applied as of the 2018 salary review. During 2016 and 2017, there will be a gradual transition from negotiations between your employee organisation and the employer to salary-setting appraisals. Employees who are not members of any employee organisation can also be offered salary-setting appraisals. Your manager decides to what extent.

Before the salary review, employees in the group mentioned above will be summoned to a salary-setting appraisal by their manager. The salary-setting appraisal is not a negotiation, but is based primarily on a dialogue about and evaluation of what you and your manager agreed upon in your staff appraisal. Your manager then tells you what salary you will get. There can be one or several appraisals, if needed, depending on how the dialogue is conducted.

Before the salary-setting appraisal, the employee should therefore review what was said in the staff appraisal and have an idea of the extent to which the various salary-setting factors apply to you and your work.

Your manager should be able to explain both a good and a less good salary development on the basis of your work duties and your performance.

You and your manager together are to sign an agreement which confirms that you have had a constructive dialogue. When you leave the appraisal, you are to know why you have the salary you have and on what basis it has been set. The salary-setting appraisal is not a negotiation of your salary but a constructive dialogue on work duties and performance.

In cases where the dialogue between you and your manager does not result in an agreement, a further salary-setting appraisal is to be held in the presence of local parties.

Read more about salary-setting appraisals for public sector employees on the website of the Swedish Agency for Government Employers (in Swedish)

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