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Salary appraisals (OFR/S and Seko)

All members of OFR/S and Seko will receive an invitation to a salary appraisal by first line management.

The salary appraisal involves a discussion about the past year’s performance and constitutes an important preparation for the following salary negotiations between Lund University and the trade unions, in which new salaries are decided.

Before the appraisal you should have an idea of the extent to which the various salary-setting factors apply to you and your performance. You can prepare for the appraisal by finding out about the factors which influence salary levels by reading the Pay policy programme of Lund University. Both your perception and that of your manager are to be expressed during the appraisal. Make sure that the appraisal is documented. Be advised that you and your manager won’t discuss new salary as part of the salary appraisal, since this is managed in the following salary negotiation between the employer and the trade unions.

After the salary negotiations are concluded, your manager is to explain your new salary. This is crucial in order for the connection between work output and salary development to have an impact. It must be possible to justify both a positive and a less positive salary development.

Read more about salary-setting factors for employees


Contact your line manager or the HR officer at your organisational unit if you have any questions concerning employment or your organisational unit’s procedures for HR/staff matters.