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Members and representatives for the Council for gender equality and equal opportunities

1 February 2024 – 31 January 2027

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Members of the working group with expert competence that the Council for gender equality and equal opportunities has appointed

  • Vice-Chancellors office: Jimmie Kristensson, chair
  • University Administration: Marie Härstedt, member
  • School of Economics & Management: Joakim Gullstrand, member
  • Faculties of Humanities & Theology: Alexander Maurits, member
  • Faculty of Engineering: Johan Revstedt, member
  • Faculty of Fine & Performing Arts: Santino Resić, member
  • Faculty of Law: Patrik Lindskoug, member
  • Faculty of Medicine: Eva Ageberg, member
  • Faculty of Science: Per Persson, member
  • Faculty of Social Sciences: Agnes Andersson, member
  • MAX IV: Ann Terry, member
  • Lund University Library: Ewa Giniewska, member
  • USV/LUKOM: Annie Lindberg, member
  • Lund University Student Union Association: Mi Holmqvist Åberg, representative
  • Lund University Student Union Association: Wendela Muhola, representative
  • Lund University Student Union Association:: Axel Helgstrand,, representative
  • OFR, Employee organisation: Magnus Ring, representative
  • Seko, Employee organisation: Aferdita Iseni, representative
  • SACO, Employee organisation: Björn Frostner, representative
  • Student Affairs: Åsa K Nilsson, management support 

Working group with expert competence for gender equality and equal opportunities at Lund University

The period of 1 February 2024 – 31 January 2027.

The following people are part of the working group:

  • Professor Anette Agardh, Faculty of Medicine
  • Professor Tomas Brage, Faculty of Science
  • Assistant professor Rebecca Selberg, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • A student representative appointed by Lund University Student Union Association


Åsa K Nilsson, coordinator (management support in the Council for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities)

radetjol [at] hr [dot] lu [dot] se (radetjol[at]hr[dot]lu[dot]se)