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FAQs for staff/PhD doctoral students, coronavirus

Below is a list of questions and answers for staff/PhD doctoral students about Lund University’s management of the coronavirus outbreak. These questions and answers are continuously updated.

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Lund University’s handling of the coronavirus crisis

How is Lund University managing risks associated with the coronavirus outbreak?

The University has formed a crisis management group that is meeting regularly in order to manage overall issues connected with the virus outbreak. They are monitoring other public authorities’ updates and following other higher education institutions’ handling of the matter.

An operative working group has also been formed to manage operational activities. If you have any questions, contact corona [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se

How are staff being kept informed about the situation?

All staff are urged to keep updated about the University’s information via

If you have any other questions about the impact of the coronavirus on the University, contact: corona [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se

Practical questions should in the first instance be directed to your line manager. If it concerns labour law-related issues, the manager can obtain support from their HR officer, who is in continuous contact with Human Resources.

If you have any other questions, contact: corona [at] lu [dot] se

Will the University cancel events?

Lund University observes the Government’s prohibition of gatherings with more than 50 participants. This means that meetings, conferences or other events involving more than 50 people are not to take place.

Before planning gatherings with fewer than 50 participants, it is recommended that you carry out a risk assessment according to the Swedish Public Health Agency’s model.

The Swedish Public Health Agency’s model for risk assesment of gatherings (in Swedish)

Many events are canceled or postponed.

What applies for suppliers and contractors?

Everyone must follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s decision to stay at home if you have symptoms, and this also applies to suppliers and contractors. The University’s activities are continuing as usual until further notice. Service measures and deliveries can continue as planned.

Which buildings do the students have access to during the period of remote teaching?

Study places, computer rooms and libraries will be open for students, in order to give them the best possible conditions during the period of remote teaching. The LU access card will be required as part of the security measures for the buildings. In certain cases, libraries have limited opening hours, however everyone is requested to avoid large gatherings and to maintain distancing from each other.

What is Lund University doing to support the Swedish health care system?

There are a number of good initiatives in the fight against the coronavirus instigated by staff and students at Lund University. These include the collection and production of protective equipment and disinfection agents.

The Faculty of Medicine and Region Skåne (which is responsible for hospitals in our region) have reached an agreement that medical and nursing students can be employed at hospitals and health care facilities in the region.

Read more about good initiatives from Lund University at #Tillsammans mot corona (in Swedish)

As a member of staff/PhD doctoral student – what applies?

Am I to go to work or work from home?

On 2 April, after new rules were issued by the Swedish Public Health Agency, the University decided that if it is possible for them to do so, staff members should work from home. Your line manager assesses whether it is possible for specific members of staff to work from home when taking activities and the work environment into account.  

How can I avoid being infected?

All employees are urged to keep updated and closely follow the recommendations for infection prevention provided by the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Go to the the Swedish Public Health Agency’s FAQs

I have symptoms. How do I get medical attention?

If you need medical attention you can read more at the Swedish Publich Health FAQ or call the national help line on phone 1177 to get advice. The service is free of charge, open 24/7 and the staff speaks English. You should not go to a hospital or health center without being specifically advised to do so. Stay at home if you have symptoms to ensure that you do not spread the coronavirus or other disease.

Go to the the Swedish Public Health Agency’s FAQs

Do I have any insurance via Lund University?

As an employee, you are covered by various insurance policies.

Read more about Lund University's insurances, also with corona related information

I have mild flu symptoms, what should I do?

The Swedish Public Health Agency urges all those with mild symptoms of any kind (a cold, cough or fever) to stay at home. Check with your line manager if there is a possibility to work from home. It is your manager who determines whether this is may be justified. The assessment is to be based on the University’s current decision on possibilities to work from home.  

If you feel sick and stay at home, you are to report your sick leave as usual to your line manager and in Primula, in accordance with the University’s regular procedures.

Am I allowed to be outdoors to take a walk, cycle or go for a run?

In Sweden, the national health authorities have recommended firmly that we all minimize unnecessary social contact. However, to go outdoors alone or with a friend is perfectly fine, as long as you are both healthy.

In some other countries there are stricter restrictions. Swedish experts have chosen not to take these measures at the moment.

What applies if pre-schools/schools close due to the coronavirus and I therefore need to be at home to take care of my child?

When it comes to remote work, it is the employee's line manager who assesses if this is justified. The assessment is to be based on the current decision by the vice-chancellor.

A family member is at home with mild symptoms of Covid-19. Can I go to work?

According to the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations, provided that you do not display symptoms of illness, you can work. You do not have the right to make the unilateral decision to quarantine yourself at home. However, you are to be vigilant regarding potential symptoms. Your manager determines whether you can work from home instead. It is important that you maintain a regular dialogue with your line manager about how you and your family are feeling and ask questions if you feel uncertain about whether or not you should go to work.

I need to talk about how the coronavirus situation is affecting me at work. Who can I talk to?

In the first instance, you can discuss this with your manager and closes colleagues.
If you need other support, contact the Occupational Health Service, tel: +46 46 222 32 80.

Read more on the Occupational Health service page

What applies regarding the work environment when working from home?

Your line manager has responsibility for your work environment, even when you are working from home. If you experience problems, you are to contact your line manager.

I am registered for an internal training course. Will it take place?

No decision has been made on cancelling internal training courses for staff members at the University due to the spread of the coronavirus. The course director will make the decision on whether a scheduled course is to be carried out as planned, cancelled or postponed.  

Education-related questions

See the page containing all relevant information for teaching staff concerning digital solutions, changed rules for syllabi, personal data etc.

Support for teaching staff regarding remote work


Travelling during spring and summer 2020

The Government decided on 17 March to temporarily stop non-essential travel to Sweden from countries outside the EEA and Switzerland. Swedish passengers are allowed to arrive in Copenhagen if they are going straight to Sweden via train or car. Please be aware that you will have to go through a checkpoint at Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) with all other travelers.

See Copenhagen Airport's website for more information

The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against all non-essential international travels.

All non-essential domestic travels should also be avoided according to the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency.

In connection with the gradual reopening of borders, can I travel abroad and work from there instead of working from home here in Sweden?

Talk over your request with your line manager. It is the manager who determines where you are to carry out your work.

Temporary ban on travel to Sweden due to Covid-19

Updated 15 May 2020

The Swedish Government have decided to temporarily stop non-essential travel to Sweden to mitigate the effects of the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and reduce the spread of the disease. The entry ban does not affect travel from another EU country to Sweden, nor does it apply to Swedish citizens. The entry ban has been extended up to and including 15 June in accordance with the recommendation of the Commission.

There is more information on the Government website in English

Questions regarding new employees/third-country nationals, with new residence and/or work permits, can be submitted via migration [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se

I have planned a business trip, what applies in this case?

Updated 19 May 2020

Lund University has decided to advise staff and students against travelling abroad until further notice. Regarding travel within Sweden, the Swedish Public Health Agency advises against all non-essential domestic travel that takes more than one to two hours by car. Check with your line manager if you feel uncertain regarding a planned trip within Sweden.

Read more about travel on the Swedish Public Health Agency website (in Swedish)

Must I self-quarantine on arrival in Sweden after travelling abroad?

Updated 19 May 2020

If you have no symptoms of disease, you may start work immediately, at the workplace or from home. Your manager decides whether you are to work at your workplace or from home. 

We are to have guests/students from abroad. Should we still receive our guests/students?

All visits of international guests are to be cancelled until further notice.


Questions concerning insurance for business travel in different parts of the world are handled by Kammarkollegiet.

Read Kammarkollegiet’s FAQs regarding the coronavirus

Migration issues

The Swedish Migration Agency has decided not to conduct a legal review (rättsligt ställningstagande) of the consequences the pandemic will have for those who wish to study, work, visit or want to move to Sweden. People who have a current residence permit that is due to expire and who are unable to leave Sweden, can apply for a visitor’s residence permit to legalise their stay. It’s crucial that the application is made before the current permit expires.

Read more about extending your visit to Sweden on The Swedish Migration Agency’s website

The Migration Agency has instead decided to publish frequently asked questions on their website. This page will be updated regularly.

Read more about other answers related to the pandemic on Swedish Migration Agency’s frequently asked questions website

Questions related to vital societal functions

Does Lund University have a vital societal function?

In normal circumstances, Lund University is not considered to perform a vital societal function. However, in the prevailing Covid-19 situation, certain vital societal functions may need the help and support of Lund University and its staff. This could, for example, involve staff within healthcare, staff for the analysis of samples, medical expertise and assistance with access to laboratories and analysis equipment relating to Covid-19.

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