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Coronavirus/covid-19 – information regarding staff/PhD doctoral students

Lund University is following the Government and Public Health Authority’s recommendations regarding measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Education and examinations are being conducted using online alternatives (distance education) until further notice. University facilities will remain open.

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The Government decided on 29 May that higher education institutions may open again for campus-based education as of 15 June. However, the Swedish Public Health Agency’s general recommendations are still to be complied with.

Following these new guidelines, a decision from Lund University with regards to studies in autumn 2020 is expected to be announced in week 24.
Updated 1 June 2020

See the Public Health Agency of Sweden website for more information on how to help prevent the spread of infection

Lund University’s decisions and actions

For Lund University's overall decisions and ongoing actions regarding the corona virus, please see

Continue to take care of each other

The spread of the coronavirus is with us – now and for the foreseeable future. It is still not time to relax and resume normal life. We must all show consideration and help to prevent the spread of infection. Therefore, it is important that you:

  • continue to work from home, if possible
  • maintain distance from other people
  • do not socialise in large groups.

Work from home – if it’s possible and your manager approves

Employees should work from home to the extent that the line manager deems possible, after taking operational duties and work environment into account. The University is now focused on securing its operations and ensuring that community healthcare resources are safeguarded.

Given the determination that University activities are to continue, some staff members will need to be at the workplace all or part of the time, whereas others can carry out their duties remotely.

If you have symptoms such as stuffy/runny nose, cough or fever, you are to stay at home, even if your symptoms are mild.

The Public Health Authority’s information on how to reduce the spread of infection

Your work environment

If you experience problems with your work environment in connection with the prevailing coronavirus situation, you are to contact your line manager in the first instance. You can also obtain support from the health and safety representative for your workplace or contact the Occupational Health Service. This applies both to staff who are working from home and those at the workplace.

Starting date for autumn semester 2020

Updated 1 June 2020

The autumn semester will start as planned on Monday 31 August. Lund University and other higher education institutions are awaiting a decision from the Swedish Public Health Agency concerning whether education in the autumn semester will be campus-based or conducted remotely.

Updated 1 June 2020: The Government decided on 29 May that higher education institutions may open again for campus-based education as of 15 June.

A decision from Lund University with regards to studies in autumn 2020 is expected to be announced in week 24.

See faculty-specific corona-related information

Distance education

Information and support that may be useful during the coronavirus outbreak, with regard to online work and changes to rules.

Tools for working online 

The University offers different solutions for digital meetings. Microsoft Teams, which is part of the Office 365-suite is mainly recommended. Zoom, which is also used within the University, is primarily intended for teaching.

Conducting thesis defences remotely

Read about how thesis defences can be conducted remotely

Migration issues

People who have a current residence permit that is due to expire and who are unable to leave Sweden can apply for a visitor’s residence permit to legalise their stay in the country.

Read more about extending your visit to Sweden

FAQs for staff/PhD doctoral students, coronavirus

Questions and answers for staff/PhD doctoral students about Lund University’s management of the coronavirus outbreak

News and information


To find accurate and reliable Swedish news in English, you can for example listen to Radio Sweden or read articles published by the online newspaper The Local.

Vital societal functions at Lund University

In normal circumstances, Lund University is not considered to perform a vital societal function. However, in the prevailing Covid-19 situation, certain vital societal functions may need the help and support of Lund University and its staff. This could, for example, involve staff within healthcare, staff for the analysis of samples, medical expertise and assistance with access to laboratories and analysis equipment relating to Covid-19.

If you are working in any of these areas you may be contacted by the head of a vital societal function, in the event of you are working in some way or another in one of the above-named areas/functions. If you haven’t been contacted you are not included in a vital societal function.


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If you have questions about the corona crisis, you as an employee should first and foremost contact your line manager.

You can also send questions to: corona [at] lu [dot] se

Information for managers

Information for students

Faculty-specific coronavirus information

If you need to talk

Are you feeling anxious, stressed or alone? The Student Chaplaincy in Lund also offers counseling for staff, regardless of whether you are religious or not. 

Visit the Student Chaplaincy's website and find more contact details (in Swedish)

Vice-Chancellor’s blog

The English version of Lund University’s Vice-Chancellor’s blog where you can find a selection of blog posts by Vice-Chancellor Torbjörn von Schantz.

Visit Torbjörn von Schantz the Vice-Chancellor blog

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International Citizen Hub Lund provide helpful information to international citizens and their families

Visit the International Citizen Hub Lund's website

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