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FAQs for staff/PhD doctoral students, coronavirus

Below is a list of questions and answers for staff/PhD doctoral students about Lund University’s management of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Lund University’s handling of the coronavirus crisis

How is Lund University managing consequences associated with the coronavirus outbreak?

The University monitors restrictions and recommendations from the relevant authorities regarding Covid-19 and follows other higher education institutions’ handling of the matter.

Practical questions should in the first instance be directed to your line manager. If it concerns labour law-related issues, the manager can obtain support from their HR officer, who is in continuous contact with Human Resources.

If you have any other questions about the impact of the coronavirus on the University, contact: corona [at] lu [dot] se

As a member of staff/PhD doctoral student – what applies?

Am I to go to work or work from home?

From the end of  September 2021 until 1 November 2021, the next phase of the gradual and orderly adapation to operations which are not restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic will be implemented. Adaption will take place based on the conditions at each of the units as well as in relation to the current rate of infection, the Government’s plan for rolling back restrictions and the Public Health Agency’s general advice and recommendations.  

Meetings, conferences and other gatherings

Meetings, conferences and other gatherings with physical attendance may take place in accordance with the rules and recommendations of the Public Health Agency to reduce the spread of infection and in accordance with the gradual and orderly adaptation for education and other activities. 

I need to talk about how the coronavirus situation is affecting me at work. Who can I talk to?

In the first instance, you can discuss this with your manager.

If you need other support, contact the Occupational Health Service, tel: +46 46 222 32 80.

Read more on the Occupational Health service page

What applies regarding the work environment when working from home?

Your line manager has responsibility for your work environment, even when you are working from home. If you experience problems, you are to contact your line manager.

Vaccination against Covid-19

All persons older than 16 years and 59 can now get vaccinated free of charge.

You decide whether or not you want to get vaccinated.

How to book an appointment:

Contact your Health care center (vårdcentral)

If you have problems booking an appointment you can call Region Skåne’s call centre on +46 (0)46 771 320 320 (open Monday–Friday: 9:00-15:00).

You can also call a primary healthcare centre to book an appointment for vaccination if you do not have a Swedish personal identity number or if you cannot obtain electronic ID. The healthcare centre will book an appointment for you and you will be vaccinated there instead.

You are entitled to get vaccinated during paid working hours

The University has decided that all staff members at Lund University who choose to get vaccinated against Covid-19 are entitled to do so during paid working hours. However, staff members are primarily to try to arrange vaccination appointments outside working hours. It is the health region Skåne that is responsible for vaccination. You do not have to pay for vaccination against COVID-19.

You need to continue to take care even once you are vaccinated

There may be a certain risk of getting ill, despite being vaccinated, and thereby of infecting others although you may not develop any symptoms yourself. The basic advice therefore continues to apply even to those of you who are vaccinated:

  • Stay at home even if you only feel slightly ill
  • Keep distance from others both indoors and outdoors
  • Wash your hands often
  • Get tested if you have symptoms.

Read more about recommendations-to-reduce-the-spread on the Public Health Agency website

I have symptoms, what should I do?

The Swedish Public Health Agency urges all those with mild symptoms of any kind to stay at home. Check with your line manager if there is a possibility to work from home. It is your manager who determines whether this is may be justified. The assessment is to be based on the University’s current decision on possibilities to work from home. 

Read more at the Public Health Agency

If you need medical attention you can read more at the Swedish Public Health FAQ or call the national help line on phone 1177 to get advice. The service is free of charge, open 24/7 and the staff speaks English. You should not go to a hospital or health center without being specifically advised to do so. Stay at home if you have symptoms to ensure that you do not spread the coronavirus or other disease.

Go to the the Swedish Public Health Agency’s FAQs

If you have symptoms you should order a self-test kit, which shows if you have Covid-19.

Read more about how to order a self-test kit on the website

If you do not have a Swedish personal identity number or Bank ID, you can phone the 1177 healthcare guide on 1177 for advice and to be referred to a healthcare centre, which will assess if you should have a test for Covid-19. If a test is required, it will be carried out at the healthcare centre.

If you feel sick and stay at home, you are to report your sick leave as usual to your line manager and in Primula, in accordance with the University’s regular procedures.

Read more about rules for sick leave on Staff Pages

It has been confirmed that I have Covid-19. What applies in this situation?

You must stay at home, keep yourself isolated and follow the recommendations from your physician.

According to the Communicable Diseases Act, a person who has a communicable disease (coronavirus) must do what is required to protect others from infection (the so-called duty to protect). 

Do I have any insurance via Lund University?

As an employee, you are covered by various insurance policies.

Read more about Lund University's insurances, also with corona related information

Travelling and visits from the end of September

Domestic and international business trips and receiving international visitors may take place in accordance with the rules and recommendations of the Public Health Agency to reduce the spread of infection and in accordance with the gradual and orderly adaptation for education and other activities. 

In cases where UD (Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs) advises against personal travel, this advice is also to be observed for business trips abroad as far as this is deemed possible.   

Tests and sample collections prior to business trips

When an employee has been given approval for a business trip to a country  where a travel certificate confirming a completed PCR and/or antigen test for Covid-19 is required for entry, the employer is to cover any costs for  testing/obtaining the travel certificate. Any costs for sample collections are to be allocated to the local cost centre.

The same applies in the case of an unvaccinated employee who is to travel on business and requires a Covid test (PCR and/or antigen) where a vaccination certificate would have sufficed for entry into the relevant country. In this case too, the employer is to cover the cost of any necessary tests and certificates.

Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup)

Please be aware that Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) in Denmark may have some restrictions for non-danish citizens. If you are travelling through Denmark via CPH/Kastrup please keep yourself updated on their regulations.

Travel through Denmark (transit) - more information on Copenhagen airport's website


Questions concerning insurance for business travel in different parts of the world are handled by Kammarkollegiet.

Read Kammarkollegiet’s regarding insurance

Migration issues

Regarding the regulations for entry into Sweden, you must keep updated about the Government’s current entry regulations.

Read more about the entry regulations on the Government website

Regarding visa applications, work permits and residence permits, you can keep updated via the Swedish Migration Agency website.

Read the Swedish Migration Agency FAQs, which are updated regularly.

Questions regarding the above and the effect on newly employed third country citizens with new work or residence permits, can be sent to migration [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se.

Read more about extending your visit to Sweden


If you have questions about the corona crisis, you as an employee should first and foremost contact your line manager.

You can also send questions to: corona [at] lu [dot] se