Working from home – tools and tips

Practical tips on how to manage working from home during the corona outbreak.

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    Protect information and data

    Risks and threats to our information security are increasing due to the coronavirus and working from home. Below are LU’s recommendations:

    • Only use tools and communication channels that are authorised or at the disposal of LU
    • Use the VPN solution when you connect for distance work
    • Use your LU mail account for work-related email
    • Be particularly vigilant concerning false emails or text messages that purport to be news or information about the coronavirus. Cybercriminals know that the chances of successful phishing are greater when it concerns sensitive subjects
    • Protect physical access to your computer. Do not leave the computer logged in while it is unattended and ensure that particularly sensitive information is not visible on your screens to unauthorised persons
    • LU’s rules and regulations also apply to distance working and working from home

    For IT-related matters, contact servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se

    For matters regarding information security, contact informationssakerhet [at] lu [dot] se

    Respect personal integrity

    Bear in mind that information about a person’s health status is sensitive personal data. Such data is only to be processed for special purposes. Contact dataskyddsombud [at] lu [dot] se if you have any questions. We would also remind you that sensitive personal data is not to be sent via email – it is to be encrypted.

    Hold digital meetings

    Instead of travelling, hold digital meetings. There are different solutions for this, e.g. Microsoft Teams for which every employee has a licence.

    Tips for working from home

    Create a healthy work environment at home:

    • Try to maintain your routines or create new ones that suit the situation – it helps you physically by sending calm and secure signals to yourself.
    • Think flexibly, often our home environment is not adapted for sedentary office work. Vary sedentary postures and take short breaks.
    • Use Pausit, our pause program, which is available for download. Keep in contact with your workplace and colleagues via telephone or digital channels.
      Read more about Pausit
    • Digital coffee breaks are an option.
    • Try to get outdoors and get some daylight and daily exercise (if you are not ill).
    • If you feel worried, don’t be alone with your thoughts. Get together with people you feel secure with. Try to find a balance between talking about your worries and talking about other things in order to distract you from your thoughts.
    • Limit your news flow and keep to reliable sources.

    And remember – this will pass.

    Ergonomic advice

    Find out how the Occupational Health Service can help you.

    Make yourself contactable

    All staff and students are encouraged to provide their mobile telephone number in Passport. The University can then send text messages to you if needed in emergency situations.

    1. Go to the account management portal Passport
    2. Log in as “User”
    3. Select “Verification of contact information”
    4. Follow the instructions


    If you have questions about the corona crisis, you as an employee should first and foremost contact your line manager.

    You can also send questions to: corona [at] lu [dot] se

    Podcast about teleworking

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