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FAQ – the new strategic plan

Answers to questions on the development of a new strategic plan for 2017–2026.

Why does Lund University need a new strategic plan?

Lund University’s present strategic plan applies until the end of 2016. The University is a large, complex and decentralised organisation, and this places high demands on coordination and general planning. Factors in wider society, such as increased competition, internationalisation and digitalisation, entail changes in conditions for the University. With a shared, general strategic plan, the aim is for continued positive development through long-term proactivity in the forthcoming 10-year period.

How will the new strategic plan be developed?

The Vice-Chancellor decided in June 2015 to appoint a working group to lead the work on developing a new strategic plan that will apply for all the University’s activities. The strategic plan is to be formulated with the close involvement and support of staff, and therefore a large number of reference groups have been engaged in the project. The strategic plan is to be approved by the University Board.

What can I do if I want to get involved in developing the new strategic plan?

All staff members at the University will be invited to seminars. Meetings, hearings and workshops, both in Swedish and English, are also planned for all staff members. A draft text will be sent out for review to the entire organisation after the summer of 2016.  Questions, views and proposals about the work are welcome, both on the content of the forthcoming plan and the process itself. You can contact the reference group that is closest to your unit or contact the project group via strategiskplan [at] rektor [dot] lu [dot] se

What period will the new plan cover?

The new plan will apply from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2026. It will apply for twice as long as the most recent strategic plans. One of the reasons for this is that a longer period is desirable from a research policy perspective.

What consequences will this work have for the strategic plans of the faculties and other units?

The idea is that the strategic plans of the faculties and other operations at LU shall be in line with the University-wide strategic plan and provide further practical expressions of it. In terms of timing, other plans are to be synchronised as far as possible with the new strategic plan.

What background material is being used to develop the new plan?

The most important background material comes from the staff members and students themselves, who may submit ideas and views through reference groups, open seminars and consultation papers. Good examples of how other universities, both in Sweden and abroad, work strategically will be gathered and analysed, along with other competitive intelligence reports.

Who is responsible for the work and who is working on the project?

The Vice-Chancellor is the principal and the University’s management group is the steering group. Pro Vice-Chancellor Bo Ahrén is the project leader and the project group consists of the following members: Head of Planning Tim Ekberg, Professor Mats Benner, LTH Board Chair Charlotta Falvin, Senior Lecturer Karin Salomonsson, Communication Strategist Lars Uhlin and Lund University Students’ Union Chair Cecilia Skoug. The secretary of the project group is Controller Magnus Ekblad.

A number of reference groups have been engaged in the project, including:

  • The University Board’s reference group
  • The students’ reference group
  • The faculties’ reference group composed of representatives from all faculties and specialised centres (USV), the MAX IV laboratory and the cultural and public centres (LUKOM)
    See the list of who is part of the faculties’ reference group here (PDF 12 kB - new window)
  • The Vice-Chancellor’s Management Council
  • The Education Board
  • The Young Academy of Sweden
  • The University Administration Management Group (UFLG)
  • The administration’s reference group


Do you have any questions or comments? Send an e mail to:

strategiskplan [at] rektor [dot] lu [dot] se

Magnus Ekblad
+46 46 222 92 59

Lars Uhlin
Communications strategist
+46 46 222 33 05