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Q&A about researchers from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

I am in contact with a doctoral student, postdoctoral fellow, researcher, or professor in my field who I want to offer to work on in one of my projects. Do we need to publish a call for a position, or can we use scholarships from research funding agencies for this?

Scholarships for researchers who have been forced to leave Ukraine and come to Sweden can be applied for via, among other places, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA) and the Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), MISTRA and others. Funds from the Swedish Research Council may not be used for scholarships.

Funding opportunities for researchers from Ukraine - continuously updated (on the Employee Web)

If a PhD from Ukraine wants to work on his/her dissertation and needs a place to work, can we provide office space and internet access?

The Head of Department can decide about providing office space or other resources. A (risk) assessment on an individual basis must always be made, just as in ordinary cases.

How does insurances cover doctoral students or visiting researchers from Ukraine?

Foreign visitors who participate in the university's activities but do not have a Swedish social security number are automatically insured. The insurance also applies to the guest's accompanying family.

More information about insurance for foreign visitors

The government has announced that co-operation with Russia and Belarus will be frozen with immediate effect. What does this mean for employees with connections to Russia or Belarus?

Lund University is now reviewing all research collaborations to see what possible connections there are to Russia and Belarus.

Ongoing collaborations between researchers at the individual level can continue, but security policy aspects must be taken into account. Lund University's security department should be  contacted for support in the assessment.

Due to the war in Ukraine

Researchers from Russia and Belarus – participation in conferences

Individual researchers from Russia and Belarus can participate in workshops, conferences or the like arranged by Lund University, online or on site, under the following conditions:

  • It is an individual researcher and not an institution and / or university that participates.
  • Ethical and safety aspects have been considered.
  • The person is not in a politically exposed position.

It is impossible to capture all aspects of this complex issue in a few points or in a checklist, where a holistic view and common sense are important for an overall picture and a decision. Please discuss within your research groups and document the principles for how you reasoned.

Publishing with Russian and Belarus researchers

It is entirely possible to publish already completed research with researchers from Russia and Belarus, but also future research according to the same principles as above.