Policy and regulations

Working with commissioned education gives you great opportunities for development while you are helping to disseminate research and receive valuable input from wider society.

Lund University's policy on commissioned education

  • Commissioned education shall disseminate knowledge and thereby contribute to community development.
  • Commissioned education shall both capture and meet the needs of wider society and external actors’ experiences and perspectives in teaching and research, contributing to the University’s quality enhancement.
  • Lund University shall be proactive and a driving force in the development of commissioned education in close collaboration with businesses, authorities and organisations, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Commissioned education offered by Lund University shall be able to meet the needs of the labour market and the clients' requirements on continuing professional development.
  • Commissioned education shall contribute to internationalisation and increased international collaboration through teaching and research.
  • Through organisational capacity building in the form of commissioned education, the University shall contribute to global development processes and collaboration on major societal challenges.
  • Commissioned education at Lund University shall be defined by its high quality.
  • Lund University shall strive to provide its employees with opportunities to work with commissioned education within the terms of their employment.

Lund University encourages employees to work with commissioned education

In line with the intentions to collaborate, Lund University encourages its employees to work with commissioned education within the terms of their employment. Read about the practical details and rules that apply below.

Who is allowed to purchase and participate in commissioned education?

Commissioned education differs from regular education at higher education institutions in some respects. For instance, no official transcripts or other certificates of prior knowledge are required.

To learn about the details regarding admission requirements, academic credits, who is allowed to purchase, participate etc. click on the links below for general information.


Lund University Commissioned Education (LUCE)

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