Calls for application

Funding for internationalisation

Information about calls for application and application period during a calendar year.

G = general; M = individual grants for mobility; C = projects for collaboration

Type Title Opens / Closes
  Application managed by External Relations  
M Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Throughout the year
M Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Throughout the year
M Erasmus+ Travel Grants within Europe Throughout the year
C Erasmus+ Joint Master Degree programme - requiring the vice-chancellor's signature  Oct / Feb
C Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Oct / Feb
C Erasmus+ Capacity Building - requiring the vice-chancellor's signature  No call 2021
C Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances - requiring the vice-chancellor's signature  Oct / Feb
C Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships - requiring the vice-chancellor's signature Oct / March
C Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility - joint LU application No call 2021
M Linnaeus-Palme - Partnership - internal process March
G, M SASUF South Africa See web
G, M ACCESS Chile See web
G, M MIRAI 2.0 Japan See web
C FAPESP São Paulo, Brazil See web
M KAW travel grants - contact trips outside Europe Dec / Jan
M STINT Teaching Sabbatical - LU internal process May / Aug
C STINT Strategic Grants for Internationalisation - LU internal process Nov / Jan
  Application managed by external unit/organisation  
C EURAXESS - a network for researchers, teachers and doctoral students See web
M Fulbright Sweden See web
C Linnaeus-Palme - Planning Oct / Nov
C Nordic Master Programme See web
C Nordplus Nov / 1 Feb
C, M STINT The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education  See web
G Visby Programme Scholarships for PhD studies and postdoctoral research See web
G The Wallenberg Foundations See web


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