STINT Teaching Sabbatical

teaching abroad

What does STINT Teaching Sabbatical offer?

STINT Teaching Sabbatical is a programme that offers researchers and teachers to spend an autumn term at one of STINT's eleven partner campuses in the US, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The programme aims to develop both individuals and institutions. By giving researchers and teachers passionate about teaching issues international experiences based on the teaching role, rather than in the research role, STINT wants to contribute to higher education being renewed and new networks being created.

Who can apply to manage a grant?

Researchers and teachers at universities in Sweden.

Where do I apply?

To coordinator (see under Contact) at Lund University before internal nomination process.

Read more on the web page - Nominate to STINT Teaching Sabbatical

Call for proposals

Link to the programme on the STINT website

Who can participate in the programme?

Teaching staff at higher education institutions in Sweden.


Carina Holmberg Pousette
International officer
+46 46 222 32 58
carina [dot] holmberg_pousette [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se