Scholars at Risk

An international network for threatened researchers

Lund University has been a member of Scholars at Risk (SAR) since 2014. SAR is a network of over 500 member universities in 42 countries that supports and defends the principles of academic freedom and defends human rights for researchers around the world. The network supports threatened researchers by arranging sanctuaries at the member universities.

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In Sweden, 21 higher education institutions are members of SAR and SAR-Sweden meets approximately once per semester to exchange experiences and plan joint activities. At Lund University, there are currently two threatened researchers.

Threatened researchers can apply to Sweden and Lund University by contacting Scholars at Risk via

Scholars at Risk and Academic Freedom
– a webinar series


What is Scholars at Risk and how can I get involved?

A lunch webinar 2 February at 12:00-13:00.

Target group: employees at LU.

  • Lund University's vision for Scholars at Risk  Vice-Chancellor Erik Renström
  • What is SAR? – SAR Europe's Programme Manager Orla Duke
  • What does SAR Sweden do? – SAR Sweden's Coordinator Karolina Catoni, University of Gothenburg
  • How is LU involved? – Coordinator for SAR at LU Pär Svensson

Meet SAR Scholars at Lund University

A lunch webinar 17 March at 12:00-13:00.

Target group: students and employees at LU.

Dr Anas Al Khabour, Department of Archeology and Ancient History and Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences and Dr Moh Eiddin Homeidi, General Linguistics, Centre for Languages and Literature.

Presentation of Academic Freedom Index

A lunch webinar 14 April at 12:00-13:00. 

Target group: employees at LU. 

Professor Katrin Kinzelbach, Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU).

Professor Kinzelbach is one of the initiators of the preparation of this index, which is a collaboration with the V-Dem Institute at the University of Gothenburg. The first index was presented in 2020 and the new report will be published in March 2021.

Read more about the 2020 report on the V-Dem Institute website and the GPPi website

Academic Freedom – debate with students about academic freedom globally

An evening seminar 19 May at 19:00.

Target group: Mainly students, but also employees at LU.

Co-organiser: The Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund – UPF.

Academic freedom globally

In 2020, the UN General Assembly received a report on academic freedom from David Keye, UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

Download the report from the UN website

Watch the presentation “Freedom of Opinion and Expression and Academic Freedom” on YouTube

EU Research Ministers adopted in October 2020 a declaration on the important role of governments in protecting the freedom of scientific research, and in protecting academic freedom in the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) as well as in the European Research Area (ERA).

Read the report “Bonn Declaration on Freedom of Scientific Research” on the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research's own website

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