H2020 project management

As a participant in a Horizon 2020 project, you must report back on both finance and research to the EU.

You complete the Financial Statement electronically in the online Funding & tender opportunities portal. You must be the participant contact for the relevant project in order to be able to complete and submit the electronic report.

Swedish website for timesheets and other documents 


Certificate on the Financial Statements

An accounting certificate is to be drawn up in connection with the final report if the requested grant totals EUR 325 000 (or more) as reimbursement of actual costs.

Upload the Certificate on the Financial Statements in connection with the submission of the electronic Financial Statement via the EU-Portal. The signed original of the certificate is to be kept at the department.

Audit by the European Commission

The Commission may – at any time up to two years after the final payment – conduct an audit of the actual costs.

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young is an accountancy firm procured for the auditing of different projects within the EU framework programmes for research and for providing auditor’s reports in accordance with the funders’ instructions. Ernst & Young can also be contacted for the auditing of other projects that are subject to auditing requirements.

Contact information:
Angelica Borgström  | Assurance
+46 46 10 26 70, +46 72 596 70 49 
Angelica [dot] borgstrom [at] se [dot] ey [dot] com

Ernst & Young AB
Ideon Science Park
Scheelevägen 17
Beta 6
223 70 Lund

The agreement is valid until 30 June 2021.


Management and applications
Anneli Wiklander

Research funding advisor
+46 46 222 77 71
anneli [dot] wiklander [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

Teresia Rindefjäll
Research funding advisor
+46 46 222 62 40
teresia [dot] rindefjall [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

John Phillips
Research funding advisor
+46 73 067 01 04
john [dot] phillips [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

Anna-Karin Wihlborg
Research funding advisor
+46 70 106 27 22
anna-karin [dot] wihlborg [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se 

Budget, accounting and auditing
Kjell Josefsson

Research funding advisor
+46 46 222 93 99
kjell [dot] josefsson [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

Karin Langborger
Research funding advisor
+46 46 222 31 03
karin [dot] langborger [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se