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Lars Montelius – Professor in Solid State Physics


Lars MonteliusProfessor in Solid State Physics Lars Montelius teaches a course on nanotechnology within food production, packaging and safety.

Who needs to learn more about nanotechnology?
“Now that nanotechnology has reached such a mature phase that it is used in more and more industries, there is a great need for increased knowledge about nanotechnology in all of society. What does nanotechnology entail and what are the consequences? For Swedish businesses to be internationally competitive they must be familiar with the subject.”   

What will one learn from this course specifically?
“How nanotechnology is used, how materials’ properties can be tailored with the help of so-called nano crafting, and what nano crafting really is. Within the food industry, for instance proteins and fats are of nano size right from the start. In this course we teach about nanotechnology existing in foods and food additives which are absorbed by the body, but also the nanotechnology in the production when heating food, in the packaging and in the equipment used.”

How far ahead is Lund University when it comes to nanotechnology?
“We were early in Lund. The Nanometer Structure Consortium at Lund University was founded over 25 years ago and is one of the premier centres in the world when it comes to nanoscience. Investments in materials science, such as Max IV and ESS, enable the Öresund region to become one of the strongest materials science regions in the EU. We also expect a substantial increase in applied nano research in the food industry.”

What makes you a good teacher?
“I have dedicated myself to nanoscience for 25 years and done a lot of research on new opportunities for using the technology. But I am also greatly interested in the teaching side of the job. I have held many lectures over the years and am used to adapting my content to whoever is listening. Because I have started five companies within nanotechnology, I also have an entrepreneurial approach.”

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