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Peter Svensson – Reader at Skånes University Hospital


Peter SvenssonReader at Skåne Universitety Hospital in Malmö Peter Svensson has several times taught a course in haemophilia, internationally known as “The Malmö Course”.

You helped launch the course some years ago. Give us some background on it.
“Sweden is a pioneering country when it comes to treating haemophilia, and Lund University conducts cutting edge research and has a tremendous international reputation. We knew that there was a great need for continuing professional development regarding treatment of haemophilia, but no course to apply for. We felt that we had a solid platform to build from and launched the course.”

How is the course structured?
“We don’t offer that many lectures, instead we advance through discussions. We work very interactively with structured case discussions of patients we have followed throughout their entire lives. We also have guest lectures from India, for instance, to demonstrate the difference in treatment around the world. Our course participants – from almost every continent – are incredibly enthusiastic about our teaching. Our lecturers stay for the entire course week and participate in social activities as well, which is impressive. We are keen about creating a pleasant atmosphere and consciously try to be spontaneous throughout the course.”

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