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Penalties for disciplinary offences

If you have filed a report, here you can learn more about the penalties that apply for students found guilty by the Vice Chancellor or by the Disciplinary Board, and what happens if the student is cleared.

If the student is found guilty

Pursuant to the Higher Education Ordinance, the penalty for a disciplinary offence is either warning or suspension.


If the Vice-Chancellor or the Disciplinary Board finds that the student is guilty of a disciplinary offence, but that for some reason the penalty should be lenient, they might simply administer a warning to the student.


When suspended, the student may not participate in any activity within the framework of the courses and study programmes at Lund University, including teaching, exams, seminars, time in the lab, et cetera. You can read more about this in Lund University's General Guidelines concerning the term suspension in chapter 10 section 2 second paragraph of the Higher Education Ordinance (PDF, 60 kb, new window).

A suspension last for a period of time of no longer than six months in total.

In cases of suspension, the Legal Division will notify the department doing the report, the departments where the student is registered, the Student Records office and the Swedish financial aid system for students (CSN). Only the Disciplinary Board can administer a suspension of a student (with the exception of a provisional suspension which the Vice Chancellor can decide on by him- or herself).

If the student is cleared

If the Vice-Chancellor or the Disciplinary Board finds that the student is not guilty of the suspected disciplinary offence in the report, the student will be cleared and the case will be dropped without further action. Either the Vice-Chancellor or the Disciplinary Board may inform about the closing of the case. 

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For questions about the process in disciplinary matters, contact:

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