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Evaluation of higher education

The evaluation of courses and programmes has to do with their quality assurance. This is implemented through a number of different tools and processes.

The evaluation of higher education can be conducted in several different ways – through external assessments, but also internally. Internal evaluation is an important part of the quality assurance at Lund University, and is done through a variety of evaluation processes.

Quality assurance is based on Lund University’s strategic plan and the European guidelines – Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) – that have been set for higher education study programmes. Evaluation of courses and programmes is also based on the national quality assurance system, a responsibility of the Swedish Higher Education Authority.

Go to the other pages of the menu to read more about the different internal evaluation processes at Lund University. Here you can also read about the national evaluations.

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Quality and Evaluation

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