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Validation – quality assurance of new programmes and courses

The validation process involves reviewing and assessing the quality of new programmes, before they are included in the University’s range. Also single courses, that can lead to a certain qualification or degree, are to be validated in a similar way.

Validation of new programmes

Validation of new programmes is a fundamental element of the quality assurance work at Lund University, and is conducted as part of the faculties’ education planning.

  • Validation is a criteria-based review of the qualitative conditions for implementing and conducting a certain programme.
  • Validation are supposed to secure the conditions for programmes maintaining a high standard, nationally and internationally, before they are adopted.
  • Validation is an application of international guidelines presented in Standards and Guidelines for the European Higher Education Area (ENQA et al 2015)

Applications for adopting new first and second cycle programmes shall be submitted to the Education Board (by delegation from the vice-chancellor) by the faculty board, or equivalent, in question. The result of the validation shall be attached to the application finally submitted to the vice-chancellor for a decision.

Guidelines for validation of new study programmes (PDF 316 kB, new window)

Validation of freestanding courses

The vice-chancellor has also decided that each course, that can be taken as a single course but still can be included in a certain degree or qualification, are to be validated in a similar way as a new programme. The faculty board carries the full responsibility for the process, including the decision to adopt the single course.

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