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Learning support for students with disabilities

Students with long-term disabilities can receive learning support from Lund University. Decisions about support measures are made by the coordinators at Disability Support Services, and are then available through the department study adviser. Here you can learn about the learning support and support at exams that are available to students.

Disability Support Services can decide on the following support measures based on the student’s needs:

  • note-taking assistance
  • adapted exams (for example extended time or exam in small group)
  • mentor
  • talking books
  • assessment of the student’s reading and writing abilities
  • tutoring in study technique.

It is crucial that the student requests assistance on time.

Visit for student information

Education support

As a teacher, you will encounter students with disabilities in any group of students – some are visible, others are not. The course or programme shall be available to everyone, regardless, and students with disabilities must never be barred from participation by the University.

Students who have been in contact with Disability Support Services have a decision regarding their support with the study adviser at their department. If you are uncertain about what support you can offer, please discuss it with the study adviser or contact us.

Exam support

To compensate for being a slow reader or having a bad back, a student might need extended time on their exam. Someone might need to take the exam in private or in a small group due to concentration problems. Another student might request having an oral exam instead of a written one. One road to a degree might be very different from another, but in the end, the degree must be equal to that of other students, regardless of disability.

The examiner decides how the exam is conducted

You as the examiner decide how your students will take their exam. In our decisions on support, we include the students’ requests about examination, but you will make the final decision on whether those requests are compatible with the overall learning outcomes of the course and are feasible. Our decision will also include what requests we will pay for. If you are uncertain, please contact us or the study adviser at your department.

The University Board's decision

I November 2016, the University Board decided to include the following addition regarding alternative forms of assessment for students with disabilities:

The examiner, in consultation with Disability Support Services, may deviate from the regular form of examination in order to provide a permanently disabled student with a form of examination equivalent to that of a student without a disability.

This addition, or similar, is to be included in all new course syllabi. “In consultation” usually means consulting the recommendations concerning the student prescribed in the decision from Disability Support Services.

Students must notify their study adviser or other appointed person at the department, about their requests a minimum of 2–3 weeks prior to the exam in order for them to be met.

The study advisers  meet our students and offer them onsite help and support. They implement the content of the decision regarding the students’ learning support, find mentors, book invigilators, computers and available rooms. They help pick up on students who without help risk failing their studies.

Contact us

If you have questions or wish to discuss a problem, please contact us at Disability Support Services. We will offer feedback or visit your department to discuss how we can work together to make education more accessible at the University.


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