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Applications within a programme

If you work in study administration, here you can learn more about the procedures that apply for applications within a programme.

To programmes that do not have semester registration, a new application must be submitted before each semester. This applies to both first and second cycle programmes.

The student applies using their student account identity at by the application deadline (15 October for spring semester, 15 April for autumn semester). 

Programme documentation

The admissions office provides documentation on applications within a programme, through Ladok, so that students can apply at Some programmes with semester registration, offer optional courses for a certain semester – the admissions office will provide documentation also in these cases upon request from by the department. The admissions office will email instructions to the department contact persons.

Group registration

Certain semesters, a predetermined range of courses may be offered within programmes. To facilitate registration for the students, a group registration can be made in such cases. The admissions office will perform group registrations on request by the department study advisors or its equivalent. Submit the following information to the admissions office:

  • programme/specialisation
  • what the students are currently registered for
  • which courses the students will be attending next semester

Group registrations must take place prior to courses and programmes being open to applications (16 March for the autumn semester, 16 September for the spring semester). The admissions office will send out instructions prior to these dates.

The student must respond to their admission decision, also for group registrations.

Note: it is the responsibility of the departments to inform students about performing a group registration, and that it is the students’ responsibility to make sure that there is an application at If there isn’t, the student must apply themselves.

Application instructions

The department that coordinates the programme shall also:

  • compile application instructions for programme students, and ensure their access
  • notify the admissions office which courses applicants within programmes have the opportunity of selecting, should restrictions apply

Instructions for students on how to apply within the Bachelor’s programme is published at (in Swedish)

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