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A new Ladok – Ladok3

During 2018, Lund University will receive a new version of Ladok, called Ladok3, which is intended to simplify and better support the study administration.

The new version of Ladok will partly entail a change in working procedures and will, to a greater extent than the present version, be based on self-service. Ladok3 is developed nationally within the scope of the Ladok consortium, but the implementation of the system is handled by the individual higher education institutions themselves through local implementation projects.

Implementation of Ladok3

Ladok3 will be implemented at Lund University between 22 March and 9 April. During this period, Ladok will be completely closed to administrative staff, teaching staff and students. You will not be able to register students or report exam results in Ladok. You will also not be able to view any results in Ladok. The information stored in the system will be transferred; however, ongoing activities, such as grading lists, exam registrations and requests for degree certificates will not be transferred. Therefore, it is important that you complete all activities before the transition, to avoid losing work. Obviously, it is possible to enter results afterwards. The Ladok3 project will continuously provide information to all parties concerned, including students.

Authorisation in Ladok3

Anyone who is to work in Ladok3 must request authorisation. This also applies to staff who are currently authorised to work in Ladok. With Ladok3, new users will also need authorisation. This especially concerns examiners who, in Ladok3, will approve grading lists digitally, rather than on paper. Therefore, to be able to perform this task, examiners must request Ladok3 authorisation. Another new group consists of teaching staff who choose to report their results directly in Ladok. Authorisation requests are to be made in Lucat. We will provide more information once the request function is available in Lucat.


The project offers training in the new system in the form of courses adapted to different target groups.

Teaching staff who choose to report results directly in Ladok, and examiners, will be able to obtain authorisation through various online training courses. The course for examiners will be available in both Swedish and English. For administrators there will be a number of courses intended for different target groups.

Information on the implementation of Ladok3 at Lund University

The blog ”Ladok3 på LU” (Ladok3 at LU) is continuously updated with news about the implementation projects at Lund University. If you wish to receive current information regarding the Ladok3 project, you can register to receive email notifications for every new blog entry.

Read the blog "Ladok3 på LU" (in Swedish)

Project group

Karim Andersson is head of the project for the implementation of Ladok3 at Lund University. The project group also includes Boel Nilsson (communications officer), Hans Persson (Student Records Office), Leopold Schmidt (Student Records Office), Camilla Hedberg (Student Records Office) and Tarmo Haavisto (Student Affairs) 

Bo-Anders Jönsson (vice-chair of the Education Board) is the chair of the management team.

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