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What does FAPESP offer?

Lund University's collaboration with FAPESP is a platform for collaboration in research and higher education between the Brazilian state of São Paulo and LU.

Lund University has since 2015 entered into a collaboration with FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation). The purpose is to strengthen collaborations within research between Lund University and researchers in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 1962, the FAPESP Foundation is one of Brazil's most important research financiers, which is largely financed by São Paulo State tax revenue.

The cooperation with FAPESP means that LU annually announces seed funding for collaboration. The application must be made jointly with a counterparty in the state of São Paulo. The application is submitted to both FAPESP and LU, after which a joint review is made. Approved projects are awarded about SEK 100,000, half from LU and the other half from FAPESP. These funds are intended for travel and meetings in order to prepare further collaborations such as co-publications and research projects.

Who can apply to manage a grant?

Researchers at Lund University can apply for funding within the framework of the collaboration with FAPESP.

Where do I apply?

To Miguel Cornejo Herrera miguel [dot] cornejo_herrera [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se, External Relations.


Decision on allocation of funds - May 2019 (PDF - 60 kB, new window) - in Swedish

Revised decision SPRINT Call 3 2018 (PDF - 60 kB, new window) - in Swedish

Current call for proposals

Fill in the application form in English and submit it to miguel [dot] cornejo_herrera [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se no later than 29 October (since the time difference means that the deadline in Brazil will be 29 October, Swedish time). Motivation in the application form is not needed if the application sent to FAPESP is attached (but it has to be in English).

Link to application form (Word - 165 kB, new window)

How do I use granted funds?

Instructions for reimbursement (PDF - 100 kB, new window) - in Swedish

Final report

Template for final report (Word - 60 kB, new window)

Who can participate in the project?

Researchers at Lund University and researchers who are affiliated with HEIs or research institutes in the state of São Paulo.

Link to more information on the FAPESP website

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